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As we get back to our day to day routines away from summer tours and competitions, we take a moment to reflect on the year. We have a lot to be thankful for, many remarkable memories and so much to celebrate.
With a score of 97.65, the Blue Devils took first place at the 2015 DCI World Championships. Congratulations to all the amazing corps this season!
Congratulations to the Vanguard Cadets on winning the 2015 Open Class Championships. Blue Devils B took the Silver with a score of 80.325.
We are so proud of all the Blue Devils who participated in the DCI Performers Showcase, presented by System Blue.
From the elegant quill to the rhythmic cadence of the typewriter, characters leap from the pages of beloved stories in the 2015 Blue Devils production of Ink.
In 2015, Blue Devils B will explore light as it is affected by prisms. Join us on a journey with a single beam of light as it is refracted into a brilliant array of color.
John, Paul, George, and Ringo! ...and a horn line, drum line, and color guard! The 2015 BD C Corps will have you re-living Beatle-mania!
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