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A Rocky Mountain High

(picture of middle horns on cover)

On the cover: "The Blue Devils of Concord, California...will they be one of the newest corps to break into the DCI finals??? On pages 12 and 13 you'll find a story and poto feature by Jane Boulen on the recent Drums Along the Rockies contests where the Blue Devils placed a strong third behind the Troopers and Kingsmen. (DCW photo by Jane Boulen)."

"A Rocky Mountain High, by Jane Boulen - ... Though the Kingsmen placed second, the setting sun shone on another California corps, The Blue Devils of Concord who swiftly overtook the much weakened and suprised Blue Stars. Looking much like the Kingsmen in both style and uniform, the Blue Devils paved the way for picking up a spot in the DCI finals by their already clean and powerful show."

(picture of rifle line)