Health and Wellness

Health Overview
Kara Carpenter Health & Wellness Intern
Darrek Mullins Health and Wellness Team
Kristy Leanne Seeley Health and Wellness Team
Jennifer Bentley (Clarke) Health and Wellness Team
Diobel Castner (Mendoza) Health and Wellness Team
Jeff Chaplin Health and Wellness Team
Tom Wellbrook Health and Wellness Team
Victoria Shannon (Briggs) Nurse
Debbie Seeley Health and Wellness Director

Drum corps is a physically demanding activity. Members push themselves to the limit...and then keep pushing. Keeping the members safe and healthy is of the utmost importance to BD Performing Arts. We have a Health and Wellness staff that will keep the members (and staff) at the top of their game.

The goal of the Health and Wellness program is to:

  • Evaluate members to compile a more complete medical history and information
  • Development of physical training protocols for Injury Prevention
  • Increase staff education
  • On-site care for members as needed
  • Setting up a health/wellness station
  • Communication with Blue Devils staff on research, articles, concerns and information
  • Development of a written Physical Training protocol / process and research applying to all sections

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