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Blue Devils Battery Auditions – Video Submission

This method of auditioning is ONLY to be used if an individual cannot attend one of our other live auditions.

Sorry, video auditions are currently closed.

Video auditions are accepted until November 1, 2017.

If you wish to post your video online for review, it must be readable by the Macintosh platform (preferably QuickTime). We are not responsible for your technical snafus! DVDs only. Accompanying your DVD please include: your name, birth date, age, address, phone number, section for which you are auditioning and previous experience.

Send your tape to:

Blue Devils Percussion Audition
Scott Johnson
PO Box 132
The Sea Ranch, CA  95497


Scott Johnson –

Your video should be approximately 5 minutes long and should consist of various exercises you are familiar with, as well as performing the materials from the audition packet. We want to see your style and approach to your exercises. Include a short solo on the instrument(s) of your choice. Please include on your tape a sample of your marching abilities while playing. Marching forward & backward and left crab and right crab.

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