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Good luck to all who have and will be auditioning! Look forward to seeing the 2011 production. -gabe


I miss everyone!!!
Drum Major

Tim leading Drum-Line auditions, in beautiful southern California.
Drum Major

James and Kevin working with brass at the So-Cal Audition for the 2011 Blue Devils Hornline


Go BD!

Banquet photos


Been a fan for 15 years. Can't wait to see you July 30th!


I Miss it


Hello, how are you? I don't know how this post gonna work...but I will just leave my message to you then...
Do you remember me? I'm the Kawa sushi (teppan) lady ..hahaha.
I don't work kawa anymore!! I miss your family very much.
I just wanted to say, my daughter (Mai Ito) had family night @foothill(field show)..
I should let you know before...but anyway, I saw her was sooooo good! and I told her about Blue Devil..we want to see what blue devil does and practice or performance...So, give us the information about practice..ok?

Tsunemi Ito

High school marching band after BD is rough. Im ready for a break, know what im sayin? Cant wait for banquet!!!