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After teaching high school marching band the past month and a half since finals, I just watched a video of us this summer again. And... wow, it is good to be a Blue Devil.


Blue devils snares are awesome

I would like to thank all of the fans and supporters for a GREAT season. Had the experience of a lifetime! Can't wait to get back at it in 2011!!!


What show did you guys play part is symphony schizophrenia in?... I loved your arrangement for it! You guys rock and I hope to join one day!

its been a month since the most incredible night of my life. i miss everything/everyone.

CAN NOT WAIT until next season.

Tour Assistant

Missing everyone, hope you all are enjoying being back home!

It's been a while, it was a great summer! Thanks for supporting us!

I just spent almost a week visiting Shant and Ryan and other California Blue Devils! Back in AZ again. I miss everybody :-(

I miss everyone already :/ It's only been a week & it feels like it's been months :(


try emailing
ask Gail she may be able to help you