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Aug 28, 2005 9:28am
Jeff DeMello
Director at Large

It's 1:50pm, most of the members have checked in to their respective flights (BA 284 & BA 286) to London, and are making their way to their gates.

The trip from DVC was uneventful, and when we arrived all the equipment was lined up and ready to check-in, thanks to Jason "the equipment guy"! Dave and Pete handed out all the tickets, made announcements and things have run very smoothly.

I have 3 computers and will be handing them out to the members to continue their blogging ... so stay tuned!

Pictures at SFO are available <a href="/gallery/index.php?year=2005&gallery=20050619SFO&programID=1">here</a>.
Aug 28, 2005 9:27am
Jeff DeMello
Director at Large

Check out the Family Day photos on the <a href="/tty/index.php?year=2005&programID=1&page=photo">A-Corps Photo Page</a>.

I've uploaded pictures of the <a href="/gallery/index.php?year=2005&gallery=20050612a&programID=1">A-Corps</a>, the <a href="/gallery/index.php?year=2005&gallery=20050612b&programID=2">B-Corps</a>, and the <a href="/gallery/index.php?year=2005&gallery=20050612c&programID=3">C-Corps</a> field shows, along with the <a href="/gallery/index.php?year=2005&gallery=20050612massive&programID=1">massed corps</a>.
Aug 15, 2005 8:15pm
Todd Tanji
Vice President

2005 will be remembered as one of the most eventful seasons
in our history. I just got back from Boston and wanted to write
down my thoughts while they are fresh. Here goes:


This was, simply put, a GRAND success. I had no idea it would be
such a fulfilling experience for the members, the European fans and
our organization. While outsiders may have thought the corps was
doing mostly sightseeing in Paris and Venice, the truth was that
this was a very tough tour for the corps. The weather was brutal,
the schedules were tight and the hours were late. The corps had to
be very flexible and fit into the European ways of doing things.
They had to learn lots of extra music and movement to expand the
performances. The members represented our organization and all of
America with respect and dignity. We have good reason to be proud!

I believe this tour was well worth while. We and the whole drum corps
activity will be reaping the rewards of this for years to come. We
made many new die-hard supporters who will never forget this
experience. And we have blazed the trail for other DCI corps to
perform there. I think we should devise ways we can address this
new-found audience year after year (BD Entertainment???).


Personally, I loved the show. I did the first time I saw it. I think
it is the most innovative show concept that has been performed in
recent years. The use of narration allowed a coherent story to be
told. Many times I have watched a drum corps show and wondered,
"why are they doing THAT?" or "what does all this MEAN?". Narration
is a tool to alleviate that and the corps used it in a tasteful and
entertaining way.

The show was also very rhythmically innovative. Sections like "The
Fugue" and the percussion breaks are examples of the that.
Stylistically, the corps knows how to swing in an authentic way.
When other corps swing it sounds like classical musicians trying to
swing. When BD swings it is true to jazz. And, of course, the guard,
along with the dance marathon theme, provided a context for all
of that.

I believe this show will be remembered for years and that this
technique will be commonplace in less than five years.

Those are MY opinions. I do not claim to be a "typical" drum corps
fan (although I have no idea what "typical" really is). There is
undeniably a sector of fans our there that do not like change. They
are downright fearful of it. They genuinely feel that they are losing
the activity because of recent changes. And, as we have painfully
discovered this season, they are becoming VERY vocal about it.

So we have a conflict. On one side we have a creative staff, corps
members and open-minded fans who love the show. On the other side
we have fans who are resistant to change. These fans have put a
stake in the ground. Essentially, they are trying to write our
rules for us.

Innovation always comes at a cost. The disgruntled fans are painful
to deal with. We will loose some fans. But I believe that if the product
is good we will gain many more.

And whether or not the product is good is our decision to make.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest!

- Todd Tanji
Aug 15, 2005 2:50pm
David Gibbs
Executive Director

This is an excerpt of an email I sent to the 2005 members today .....

I hope you made it home safely from Boston and are getting some well
deserved rest. I wanted to send out an email quickly to say how
PROUD I am of the 2005 Blue Devils.

You and all of your fellow members were an inspiration to me and
all of the world. You brought class and dignity to the
organization. The last three shows were awesome. What performance
quality! Goose bumps the entire 11 minutes.

I hope in the coming weeks you get a chance to reflect on the summer
and can look back on it with joy. For me, it will be one of my
favorite years. What we all shared in our journey around the world
was incredible.

The risk you took with the 2005 production was huge. Your courage,
dedication and professional approach to performing
was so amazing to watch. You might read opinions on our show.
Remember what you read is a vocal minority. What is the truth is
the show will go down as a production that moved the activity
forward with innovation, entertainment and performance excellence.
I have posted only some of the fan mail we received from the summer,
but it will give you an idea what impact you had. Check it out at


Also there are pictures, blogs, 2005 finals coverage and video of
the 2005 summer on the 'A' Corps page that you can access at


For all that aged out. THANK YOU. We will miss you greatly. It is
always sad to say goodbye. But you will always be a Blue Devil and
part of our extended family. So we will expect to see you throughout
the years to come.

Aug 10, 2005 11:08pm
David Gibbs
Executive Director

Nationals week with the Blue Devils is so great. It brings back into focus why the activity and our organization is so cool. The love for performing. The love for each other. And the reflection on what an amazing summer this has been.

Nationals week in Blue Devil land is and experience like no other. The corps develops and becomes a performing machine. The goal is to approach their effort so all have the same intensity and commitment.

I have had a great time this week. Just being around the members is awesome. Watching them work, laugh, sweat and perform is great. They are a class act. They all all so nice and professional. What great role models for my 4 year old son Peyton. Thank you!

It truly does not matter what is going on around us. We have no control of the quality and consistency of the judging. What place we come in is now unimportant. What we have is so much more important. We have a summer like no other. We were not afraid to take risks with our show and touring. These kids have truly impacted the world and this activity with their talents. WOW.

Tonight's run-through was on fire. All the weeks practice is paying off. Then we had Karaoke night. With catered food and DJ. It way great. A time to relax and enjoy our final non-performing evening together. It was a blast. There will be pics and video up later.

So here we go ... Trying to achieve perfection and passion with our performance.

Thanks to all that have shown such awesome support

Aug 7, 2005 9:25pm
Diobel Castner (Mendoza)
Color Guard

Giants Stadium is always a great show to compete at. The color guard had a pretty rough show but we are pulling through and doing much better.

Tomorrow officially begins NATS WEEK! It is so exciting. I am looking forward to getting worked. Hey, I am aging out! I have 5 days left...

This organization has been such a pleasure to be a part of. I really do not want to age out, but it is time for me to move on. I know that the Blue Devils and my experiences and memories here will stay with me forever. I have learned more here - mentally, physically, and emotionally - than I ever have before. I love the members, staff, fans...

This whole "drum corps thing" that we do is incredible. I need to stop... I am getting too emotional!

I do want to say "thank you" to my fellow corps members. You are all, in your own ways, unique. I especially want to say "thank you" to Ryan Darke for continually being there for me and supporting me. I could not have asked for anything more...

The next 5 days will be rough, but I will cherish them for more than enough reasons. Driving to Mansfield... NATS WEEK!
Aug 6, 2005 1:23pm
David Gibbs
Executive Director

Hi all,

Here are my thoughts on this year as we go into the last week.

1) The corps is an EXTREMELY talented group. Pushing the level of any past group! Ensemble issues are the main task at hand. Their performance level will be as good as any of the past years groups when we perform in Boston.

2) The corps strives for perfection. They continue to work so they will achieve excellence at the highest level, never giving up on their friends or the organization. They will set standards for all future BDs to follow and continue the tradition of excellence and passion.

3) Europe was awesome and has had NO effect on performance or show design. The only effect it had is to give all of us a lifetime of memories and Europe fans a chance to see American drum corps in person. I am sure it will help make it possible for future corps and members to travel oversees and continue the growth of the Europe marching music activity.

4) The show this year is fun and exciting. Highest level of design concepts. Extremely intricate. Different than any other BD show or other groups. Risky. Consistent to the show concept. Difficult and demanding.

5) As any show, it is up to your own individual opinion and taste if you like it and appreciate it.

6) The important thing is the kids LOVE performing the production.

7) Are we getting a "piled on effect" in the judging community ...Yes.

8) Is there extreme differences of opinion and inconsistency in the judging community ranking and rating our performance and design .... YES.

9) The scores are not reflecting the changes and increased level of performance

10) Difficulty and demand have been discussed publicly and privately a lot this year and it is an aspect that is not understood properly in context to the sheets

11) There are many great groups, especially vastly improved corps. This is awesome and thrilling for the activity, and it makes competition that much more exciting as there are more corps that can be in the final "hunt"!

12) When you have been at the consistent level of BD over the years there are little to no improvement points and the standards are different.

13) This year will go down as one of the most amazing years ever for our organization. We have grown SO much. We have come together in ways we have never imagined. We have experienced things that people only dream about.

14) I am very excited about this week coming up and will cherish this year forever. I have never been so proud.

Thank you for all the support

Aug 5, 2005 11:08pm
Melissa Dougherty
Color Guard

Well we are on the bus again on our way to new jersey. We have added so
many changes in the past couple of days it hs been crazy, but they are
awsome. I love performing this show, things might not be completly on
our side score wise but those are out of my control. Being an age out
this year my perspective on things have changed a bit and I want to make
sure I leave it all out there on my finals performance, no regrets
right. 7 days left of this crazy activity called drum corps and I can't
see past finals day, that's what I am striving for.....a flawless
performance! Since it is my age out though I couldn't be happier to age
out performing this year's show, I think it is amazing and so fun to
perform. I couldn't ask for anything more. So we all need to push it for
7 more days and work for the out come we want. Go BD :)
Aug 5, 2005 11:07pm
Diobel Castner (Mendoza)
Color Guard

ALLENTOWN! Today was such an awesome day. The past couple of days we've
definitely been working the show. With the changes and reiteration of
older things, the show is shaping into something really great. It is so
exciting seeing this product transform itself into 11 and a half minutes
of pure entertainment and fun. I absolutely love everything about this
show. It is so much fun to perform.

The end of tour is close. We are definitely taking advantage of the few
rehearsals we have left to perfect the show. I cannot help but get a
little sad just thinking about the end. Aging out is rougher than I

With finals week also comes I&E. Ryan has been practicing so hard when
he gets the chance. I will admit that I have eavesdropped on him a
couple times. I am hard on him and tell him he needs more practice, but
in all honesty, he is playing his piece incredibly! I am definitely
rooting for him - he is the defending champion!

We have a lot of work on our hands, but I know we are fighting. We are
not letting down. We, the 2005 Blue Devils, are going to give it our all
and that's what really matters.

Time to get on the bus. Good night! =)
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