Name Title
Patrick Seidling Office – Corps Director
Sheryl Miles Office – Corps Manager
Brodie James Lewis Office – Corps Manager
Kristen Nicole Lichtenthal Office – Corps Manager
Brian Charles Howard Office – Corps Manager
Andrew Rogers Office – Corps Manager
Scott Chandler Guard – Program Coordinator - Choreographer
Dave G Glyde Percussion – Music Director and Arranger
Jay Murphy Visual – Designer and Caption Head
Wayne R. Downey Brass – Arranger
Scott Howard Johnson Percussion – Arranger/Caption Head
Brian Dinkel Percussion – Front Ensemble Caption Head
Jim Wunderlich Percussion – Front Ensemble Arranger
Tony Smith Visual – Consultant/Designer
Karl Lowe Visual – Consultant/Designer
John Meehan Brass – Caption Head / Arranger
Kevin Ronan Brass – Instructor
James Rocillo Brass – Instructor
Keith William Dunton Brass – Instructor
Steve Vento Brass – Instructor
Eric Weingartner Brass – Instructor
Scott Palmer Brass – Instructor
Sean Snyder Brass – Instructor
Anthony Paul Lanzino Brass – Instructor
Bill Watson Brass – Consultant
Sam Pilafian Brass – Consultant
Mike Ary Brass – Instructor
Suzanne Dell Brass – Instructor
Joe Falvey Brass – Instructor
Ben Maughmer Percussion – Instructor
Rodolfo Gavino Garcia Percussion – Instructor
Jared Rigdon Andrews Percussion – Instructor
Nicholas Arce Percussion – Instructor
Nicholas Parsons Percussion – Instructor
Jack K Mizutani Percussion – Pit Instructor
Sean Matthew Gordon Percussion – Pit Instructor
Shawn Glyde Percussion – Drum Set Arranger/Advisor
Todd Ryan Visual – Caption Head/Marching Instructor
Jaime Holly Visual – Instructor / Designer
John V Bradford Visual – Movement/Health & Wellness
Jarrod Huntley Visual – Instructor
Brian Peter Visual – Instructor - Marching
Tim Darbonne Visual – Instructor
Ken Karlin Visual – Marching Instructor
Peter Bruce Beckhart Visual – Instructor
James Gow Visual – Instructor
Zak Stillwell Visual – Instructor
Brandon Wickham Visual – Instructor
Jon Burroughs Visual – Prop/Set Fabricator
TJ Doucette Guard – Instructor
Robby Jacobson Guard – Instructor
David Alexander Ziehm Guard – Instructor
Tracy Higgins (Grout) Guard – Instructor
Victoria Shannon (Briggs) Medical – Nurse