One person can only do so much. 

Blue Devils B is proud to present their 2022 program – “I AM”

I am an individual, but I am part of a family.
I am flawed, but I am powerful.

One person can make a difference. A single vote matters. Never underestimate the strength of the individual. This year’s show celebrates the nuance of individuality through 4 distinct movements that explore the way we express ourselves and connect with others. Featuring original music by John Meehan (brass), Sean Clark (battery), and Chavadith Tantavirojn (front ensemble), fans can expect to enjoy diverse musical styles, popular musical influences, and a classic drum corps treatment.

  • I AM an Individual – Movement 1: Our program opens with a celebration of individuality and the importance of being true to yourself. This first movement is all about standing out, being different, and bringing our own unique strengths to the table. We are one of a kind. 
  • I AM Part of a Family – Movement 2: Throughout our lives, each of us as individuals have the power to greatly affect the lives of those closest to us. This production is all about our positive effect on other people and the ways we give meaning to the lives of people we become close to. Our families, in a way, are an extension of ourselves.
  • I AM Flawed – Movement 3: At the same time, sometimes we can negatively affect the people around us, even without knowing it at times. Part of being a good person is understanding the relationship between individuality and empathy, and this production is about acknowledging that those around us are also individuals trying their best to live their own truths.

  • I AM Powerful – Movement 4: Our final production is about how every great movement in history has to start with a single person. One person has the power to start a revolution that changes the course of history. The strength of the team is each individual, but the strength of each indivudal is also the team. 
"This show is designed to provide a positive and relatable message for our membership as they return to the field after a long hiatus,” said Chris Carrasco, BDB Program Coordinator. “We are excited for each of them to bring their unique personality, talents, and drive to the corps as they learn to work together as Blue Devils."

Under the leadership of Efrain Hinojosa, Blue Devils B can’t wait to be back on the field performing for all their family and friends! Pre-order your 2022 “I AM” show shirt and check out the 2022 BDB Event Schedule to find a performance near you!

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