Frequently Asked Questions

Where is BDEntertainment based and can I get this kind of unique, custom designed entertainment elsewhere?
Although based in San Francisco, we keep a roster of hundreds of performers nationwide. As an example, an event performance that premiers in California can easily be re-cast and later performed in Chicago. This type of entertainment can be as tame or as provocative as you like.
How does BDEntertainment differ from other entertainment sources?
No one else does exactly what we do and offers it as an alternative to traditional event entertainment. Sound originally produced outdoors with many styles of brass horns and a variety of percussion instruments, brought into an arena or ballroom, produces quite a show. Dancers trained to manipulate props and costumed thematically give a "cirque" look to the production. And space is never a problem since the room itself becomes our playing stage.
What can be expected from a BDEntertainment production?
From the moment you contact BDEntertainment you will see that that there is a sea of possibilities with the sky being the only limit. And we even use the sky! This is impactful client driven entertainment because it is composed of magnetic and magical power relative to everyone.
How will BDEntertainment meet and exceed client expectations?
BDEntertainment is site specific, custom crafted and uniquely orchestrated to fit your space, your theme and your budget. No two events are exactly the same unless of course you want them the same. This is the future of event entertainment, committed to meeting the ever-changing industry trends.
How do I contact BDEntertainment?
You can contact us directly or you can have your event planner contact us.
How long does it take to create a production for my event?
The time of production certainly depends upon the needs of your organization, but you can rest assured that BDEntertainment is very flexible and conscious of your time frame. All things are possible and with BDEntertainment's extensive artist database we are able to work faster than our competitors.
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