Warriors Band FAQ

What is the NEW Golden State Warriors Band?
The Golden State Warriors Band will be a Jazz-based ensemble that performs at all 41 home games of the 2019-2020 season.

SMALL ENSEMBLE – 6-member small ensemble that performs at 31 home games
LARGE ENSEMBLE – 16+ member large ensemble that performs at 10 home games

Though the ensemble will be rooted in Jazz, performers will be expected to play various styles and genres reflective of the diverse music history of the San Francisco Bay Area. This is especially true for LARGE ENSEMBLE performances.
Will I be compensated for my time?
Yes. This is a PAID performing ensemble. Both SMALL ENSEMBLE and LARGE ENSEMBLE members will be paid for performances. More detail after the in-person audition.
What instruments can audition?
The instrumentation for the Golden State Warriors Band will be based on the best performers to audition for the ensemble. So long as the basic elements are covered – melody, harmony, and rhythm sections – which instruments fill those sections is completely dependent on your talents and abilities. The more unique the better! After we have established the principal performers for the SMALL ENSEMBLE, our in-house designers will create custom arrangements that fit the instrumentation of the group. Any and all instrumentalists, vocalists, and beat makers are encouraged to audition for your chance to be in the LARGE ENSEMBLE. We will build the show around you!
What is the time commitment required to be in the Golden State Warriors Band?
Members in the SMALL ENSEMBLE will expected to attend 3-4 rehearsals in the months leading up to the season opener, then at least one rehearsal a month during the season. Members in the LARGE ENSEMBLE will have one rehearsal prior to a performance. Additional performances outside of home games are a possibility and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
I am in a band with my friends…Can we audition as a group or just as individuals?
Both. You can sign up as an individual or as a section for the SMALL ENSEMBLE, or you can sign your whole band up for the chance to be built into a LARGE ENSEMBLE show. So, if you and 1-2 others make up a great rhythm section, apply as a group for the SMALL ENSEMBLE. If your band does not quite fit the small ensemble requirements, fill out an audition application to be featured in a LARGE ENSEMBLE show.
Do I have to DANCE or MARCH while performing?
No marching experience required. Performers are expected to be comfortable parading from one location to another while playing their instrument, but movement will be casual. Once in a performance location, there will be simple steps, movements, and vocal cheers added to spice up the show.

Answers to questions related to the audition process can be found at bdentertainment.com/warriors/auditions

Please direct all additional questions to auditions@bdentertainment.com

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