In 2015, the Blue Devils International Corps traveled to the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Switzerland. The final stop was at the world's second largest (and one of the most spectacular) open-air tattoos: the Basel Tattoo in Switzerland.

A few highlighted events corps performed at:

The Blue Devils International Corps (BDI) is made up of recent performers of the world champion Blue Devils as well as over 8 other world class corps throughout the United States. Over 1,000 of the most talented young performers around the world applied to perform in BDI and 96 were selected for their vast experience and talent. BDI is an extension of the Blue Devils and will maintain the same excellence and performance qualities all have come to expect.

BDI is made up of brass, percussion, guard, electronic pit ensemble, and a drum major. The show is designed by Scott Chandler, Karl Lowe, Dave Glyde and Jay Murphy. Arrangements by Wayne Downey, John Meehan, Scott Johnson, Jim Wunderlich and Jaime Holly -- the same design team that creates the world champion Blue Devils productions.

The show is a 7-minute production specifically designed to showcase the amazing performers talent and bring to life the uniqueness of American drum corps. The corps also performs a variety of iconic BD music as well as other unique productions.