Keith William Dunton

Keith William Dunton is an International music clinician, freelance musician, and marching arts producer living in Los Angeles, CA. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Music: Trumpet Performance from St. Olaf College and is a voting member of the National Arts, Recording & Sciences (NARAS) in songwriting, composing and engineering. 2015 He was the Program coordinator to: BOA St. George Regional Champion American Fork, UT HS, BOA St. Louis Super Regional 5th Place Finalist & YIM Champion Eden Prairie, MN HS, BOA St. George 2A Class Champion Loveland, CO HS, and the Western Band Association combined 1/2/3A Champion Cerritos, CA HS. He also worked with BOA Semi Finalist Homestead, CA HS as their program consultant. Keith worked in Taiwan for a 4th time at the TMBA camp in August as a music arranger, clinician, and staff coordinator. He also recently worked with three premier primary school music programs in Beijing in marching arts music and worked with The Chongqing police band in Chongqing China.