Bret Shay Rios

Bret Rios's experience is substantial, with 22 years of non-profit youth program operations, over 18 years of general business operations, and 9 years of marketing/sales/promotion experience. Plus, he has been heavily involved in youth development activities for many many years, engaged in a wide range of activities and projects. Bret has raised money for youth projects for a very long time, from running formal fund-raising campaigns, to creating pledge-based marathons, to managing fee-generating activities, and of course, running bingo operations. In 1999, Bret founded Global Institute for Developing Entrepreneurs. This organization provided hands-on entrepreneurial training for teenagers from around the U.S. in a 2-week summer camp format. Bret has been a musician and performer since he was six years old. He is an accomplished violinist (classical, country, and pop), who has performed in several orchestras, such as the California Youth Symphony and the Salem Symphony. Bret used to be a drummer/percussionist who performed in the percussion section of the Salem Symphony. He has performed in choirs, and toured Europe for six weeks with the Willamette University singers and jazz band, ultimately performing at the annual Vienna Music Festival. Bret has a BA in Psychology and a Master of Management for Business, Government, and Non-Profit Administration.