The Blue Devils have traveled the country each summer, year after year, visiting different cities and states almost daily, leaving behind our home of Concord, California and experiencing the world in a wholly unique and unforgettable way.

And while the corps may visit different cities each season, and each and every tour is distinct, a common experience for more than three decades that has provided a “home away from home” for everyone in the Blue Devils family: Devils Food.

In the last 30 years, Devils Food has served over 1,000,000 meals. It’s traveled over 400,000 miles. As you can imagine, the wear and tear of traveling across the United States, year after year, has taken its toll. The rising costs of ongoing maintenance, transportation, and fuel, make it necessary to make changes and our beloved, aging Devils Food is set to retire this winter.

Please help us fund the next iteration of Devils Food.

Feed the Future

With safer, more efficient cooking and refrigeration, expanded storage, and an improved work flow, the Food Crew will be able to serve the members and staff in a much better way which will then enhance everyone’s experience.

Your donation will help BD Performing Arts provide over 44,000 meals to the A Corps members and staff each summer and set up a state-of-the-art, rolling kitchen that will last us for the next 20 years or more!

Feed the Future

In addition to general funding, if you are interested in sponsoring any of these large appliances, please contact us at

  • Ovens (four needed, $5,000 each)
  • Tilt Skillet ($8,000)
  • Griddle ($8,000)
  • Stove ($5,000)
  • Freezer ($12,000)
  • Fridge ($12,000)
  • Generator ($18,000)
  • 3-bay Sink ($8,000)

As token of our appreciation for your generous donation...

Make a donation of $100 or more and you will receive a Dreams and Nighthawks ornament featuring artwork from our 2018 program.

Make a donation of $200 or more and you will also receive a BDPA mug.

Make a donation of $1,000 or more to be invited to an exclusive event where you will walkthrough and dine from the new Devils Food, be recognized online in 2019 as a Devils Food sponsor, and be included on a special plaque to be placed in the vehicle, honoring your contribution.

To get this off to a great start, the BDPA Board of Directors
has donated the first $120k.
43% Funded
$187,540 Raised
Your employer may be able to help you give even more to BDPA. Many companies have a Matching Gift program where they will match your donation. Please check with your Human Resources office and send us the paperwork. We will take care of the processing and you can be proud of doing even more for the young people performing.

"Devils Food is the heart of our home. It's where we all find sustenance, both literally and spiritually. A good meal, a cold drink, a hug, a smile, a laugh. Like a kitchen in a warm and happy home, our Devils Food is truly the "heart" of the Blue Devils"
— Pat Seidling, A Corps Director
"What is the hardest part about feeding 250+ people four meals a day? Sometimes, to keep going and smiling! Then you remember why you do it! Those amazing young people, making a difference! 2 hours to go...seems impossible...then proof! Delicious food for 250 on the table on time!"
— Sandy Gist, Food Crew
"Devils Food provides the love, energy, and power to fuel the corps in their quest for excellence. Feeding the highest quality food to the highest quality corps seeking the highest quality results while young adults demonstrate growth in excellence, leadership, teamwork, and love."
— Kate Dydo, Food Crew

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