Frequently Asked Questions

What is BD Performing Arts (BDPA)?
This is the official name of the non-profit corporation 501(c)3 that funds programs such as the Blue Devils, Diablo Wind Symphony, and RCC Indoor Percussion (to name just a few). As a public charity, BDPA is supported by gifts and grants from individuals, foundations, and corporations. Your gift ensures the continued quality of our programs.
I paid my child's annual registration fee. Am I a BDPA donor?
No. Even though your support is greatly appreciated, the fees you pay for your child registration only pay a part of the costs of their program. BDPA donors support the organization and these additional costs, so your children have the opportunity to learn and perform. You have registered all of the children in your family to perform in programs to use BDPA equipment by paying the registration fee.
What is The Devils Pride Booster Club?
The Devils Pride Booster Club provides support to the A Corps and serves as a point of contact for family, friends, and fans of the A Corps.
What are "Friends of the Blue Devils"?
These are the donors who support BDPA. When you donate, your name is listed on the BDPA website and in our newsletters and programs as a "Friend of the Blue Devils". You can donate online or by emailing or calling 925-689-2918.
BDPA has always been known as a wealthy organization. Why are you asking people to make gifts at this point?
BDPA has been fortunate to be able to pay for much of their operating costs through income derived from a charity bingo operation. Parents and youth have always been required to volunteer their time at the bingo hall to help support BDPA. In 2000, the voters in California approved Proposition 1A, which expanded Indian gaming laws in California. Now, large casinos are being planned in our immediate vicinity and we have already seen a significant reduction in bingo revenue. People want to play for the larger winnings that are available at casinos. The amount that charities can pay to winners is controlled by the Attorney General.

With continued decline in bingo revenue, the Board of Trustees has taken the point of view that we need to reduce our dependency on bingo within the next three years. In addition, the Board does not want to continue to use the valuable time of parents and participants in volunteering for a bingo operation that is in conflict with the life style and character building goals of BDPA.
How do I know that my gift will benefit the kids? Can I restrict my gift for a particular program?
You can support BDPA by becoming a donor at any level. These funds go directly to pay for the costs of operating each program including teaching staff, transportation costs, uniforms, instruments, and other equipment in addition to facilities expense, management and development costs. If you prefer, you can restrict your gift to be used by any specific BDPA program that you desire. Your gift will still provide you with the same donor benefits that are provided to general donors.
What percentage of my gift goes to BDPA programs and how much covers overhead and fundraising costs?
75% of your gift goes directly to BDPA program costs. 15% covers the cost of facilities, management and accounting, while 10% covers the cost of operating the development program. These percentages are well within the national guidelines established by the National Nonprofit Chamber of Commerce and Guidestar. The Board of Trustees does everything that it can to keep the overhead costs as low as possible. BDPA financial statements are available to anyone upon request.
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