Located a short drive from the BD corps hall in Concord, CA, Mars is the Blue Devils' rehearsal site. The fields of grass, dirt, wind, little shade, and lots of bugs mean so much to the Blue Devils family. Mars is the very heart and soul of the Blue Devils.

Over the years, there have been many improvements and upgrades, from the building of the iconic tower in the early 80s, to the expansion of the building, to tree-planting which help reduce wind, to the new spectator stands installed just a few years ago. In 2017, we graded and re-sodded the main field. There is still more to do.

Now it's time to build the next generation of champions.

See how you can help

More Perks

When you sponsor a yard, you not only help maintain and improve the Blue Devils rehearsal facility, but also receive special benefits.

  • Acknowledgement of your contribution by having your name on display at the field (coming soon)
  • A BD-branded vial filled with actual dirt and grass from Mars
  • A certificate identifying your piece of the field
  • Donations to BDPA are tax deductible

Sponsor a yard

Completed Main Field

  • New irrigation system
  • Field re-seeding with sports-grade grass
  • Re-leveling the surface

Planned Secondary Field

  • New irrigation system
  • Field re-seeding with sports-grade grass
  • Re-leveling the surface

Planned Structure Improvements

  • Upgrades to electrical/lighting/flooring
  • Work area for Health & Wellness Team
  • New sewing area for volunteers
  • New roof and exterior stairs
  • Interior paint

Planned Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Expanded picnic area with shade for performers
  • Increased storage space
  • Necessary updates/upgrades to BD Hall

Sponsor a yard

"We all had that one family in our neighborhood whose backyard was where we all met, played hard, wore the grass down to dust, lived, learned, and grew up. For generations of Blue Devils, Mars is our backyard."
— Pat Seidling, A Corps Director
"Mars not only keeps on generating new memories for us all, but also transcends time by being the one thing all of us can share stories of and relate to, no matter when or how we're involved with the Blue Devils."
— Dave Glyde, A Corps Music Director
"What these storied fields have in common is that over the decades, times and names have changed, but the level of performance has always been something inspiring."
— John Meehan, Brass Caption Head
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