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A beautiful warmup site for the Tennessee show!

It's a hot one today! But we are gearing up for a. Incredible performance tonight! Here we come Charlotte!
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"I don’t like the idea of 'understanding' a film. I don’t believe that rational understanding is an essential element in the reception of any work of art. Either a film has something to say to you or it hasn’t. If you are moved by it, you don’t need it explained to you. If not, no explanation can make you moved by it." - Federico Fellini

Describing the last minute or so of the newly added conclusion to the Blue Devils show, "Felliniesque", is a daunting task. Exactly how does one sum up the wall of brilliant sound, guided by the choir of silver-tinged brass and streaks of elongated film strips printed onto shimmering white fabric? Or the range of surreal motions the corps adopts when the percussive impacts resonate through the varying bell tones and metallic textures? It's a breathtaking moment that draws influence from the the art of film as a whole. A celebration of the cinematic gems that not only pay tribute to Fellini's masterful works, but the entire body of cinematic history - a seemingly endless archive of emotional and visual narratives that define all facets of our humanity.

In a broader perspective, the entire premise largely reflects the corps' personal journey - experiencing the laughter, the tears, and the joy with their peers, their instructors, their friends, and their families. Each member crafting a personal narrative that defines what makes drum corps such a unique and influential activity. And for this particular season, the Blue Devils take the central concept of drum corps at heart - taking a collective goal; moreover - a dream - and working together to achieve what normally is deemed as impossible.

Whether its back in their hometown of California, or in places like last night's performance in the Georgia Dome, the energy and the focus and the camaraderie continue to reach new heights, with only 13 days left 'till the story of "Felliniesque" comes to a close.

Goodbye Georgia Dome, I had an amazing last performance here.
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July 25

Gorgeous weather, a passionate performance, and a meet and greet with hundreds of excited fans marked a wonderful stay in Nashville; from the spectators at John Overton High School, to the feverish response of the crowd with the newly implemented conclusion of the program, it was an experience the members were highly grateful to experience individually and collectively.

But most importantly - entertaining the 11,000+ fans who attended the show to enjoy an entertaining night of music in motion.

You know it's a good day when your bus gets a compliment from the staff!
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July 24th

Thursday marked the last day of a three day stay in the city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Following a thrilling and excellent performance the evening before, the corps was on fire for their rehearsal at the same stadium in which they had competed. The name of the game was refining changes to the show, a common happenstance that is about as prevalent as the showers the members take after hot and muggy days.

Well, at least for most of them, that is. Time is a valuable commodity after all, and in such times when there isn't an instructor correcting a set, or making a musical comment, they tend to make their own little games and pranks to liven up the mood. In this case, the new "game" for the corps was "What Are The Odds?", where the members ask the key phrase, followed by something that is either outlandish, or just funny in general.

It's the type of humor that keeps the members focused and keeps in line with the spirit of the corps - a collection of young individuals who take having fun as seriously as they do when they rehearse. It's a heathy balance that allows them to take a breath; to encourage one another; to take the time to know one another.

Now with only two weeks left in the season, this upcoming weekend takes the corps through three different states: Tennessee, Atlanta, and North Carolina.

It's a gorgeous day in Tennessee!! It's time for a great block and another awesome show tonight!!
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July 23rd

The second day at Oak Grove High School found the Blue Devils making additions to the closing segment of their production, increasing the energy in a show that already implements varying styles and forms of musical potency. It was an extremely productive rehearsal that yielded positive results, with the members working into the afternoon hours before having to travel to the University of Southern Mississippi for their competitive performance.

Yet, the story of the evening definitely belonged to euphonium player, Joey Thornberg - an alternate who has been learning all the music and the drill in the same manner as the rest of the members. Ready for the moment that he might have to step in if there were ever a situation where one of the other players might not be able to march.

Wednesday evening proved to be that moment of calling and Joey stepped up to the plate with the full-fledged support of his peers. He carried himself in the manner of a member with years of experience and you never would have guessed it was his first show with the corps; especially at this point in the season, but with each visual warm up and horn exercise in the lot, Joey exemplified all the elements of a seasoned and determined Blue Devils member.

Following the performance, Joey was met with positive words and encouragement from his peers, a smile from ear to ear. It was the definitive moment he had been waiting for the entire season and he accomplished it with flying colors.