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Bus selfie before the show!
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July 29th

The second and final day at Brookville HS gave the Blue Devils another two rehearsal blocks before heading to their evening show in Salem, Virginia. Unlike all the other shows this season, this one was particularly unique for the fact that there was dog show occurring at the same time. Various breeds could be seen in near the motor homes and RVs of their respective owners, playfully barking and showing off their well-groomed fur - some styles more intricate and elaborate than others.

Often dubbed as "The Dog Show", the Blue Devils enjoyed the atmosphere as they made their way to Salem Stadium. The architecture of the facility offered stunning clarity in the overall sound balance, with electronic textures and sounds from the front ensemble cutting through with relative ease. You could hear every particular sample and mallet flourish better than in most shows throughout the season, so it presented another dynamic of sound to latch onto.

The Blue Devils once again brought the audience to their feet following their stellar performance and gathered themselves before heading out to Hamburg, Pennsylvania - where they will spend four days rehearsing with two shows tossed into the mix - the Tour of Champions in New Jersey and the DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown.

10 days remain.

July 30th

Rolling green hills and houses straight out of a postcard were just some of the sights that greeted the Blue Devils on Wednesday morning. The weather was another treat, with no humidity or high temperatures in sight - as well as a lack of storms, which apparently had just traveled through the Pennsylvania area. There was nary a cloud in sight and among the grass-green landscape the various sections of the corps tended to their respective musical and visual responsibilities.

The ensemble block later in the evening gave way to chilly weather, with the members throwing on sweaters - proving that on tour nothing really is ever as predictable as one might imagine. Nonetheless, the evening proved to be a success, as the attention to every detail makes itself known in every run-through - the audience of spectators enjoying every second.

Afterwards the corps enjoyed their evening snack and went to bed, ready for another day to begin anew.

9 days left.

We are back in beautiful hamburg Pensilvania! This is one of my favorite places every season! And you can't beat a brass block in these beautiful rolling green hills!
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July 27th

Sunday marked the last of a three show marathon weekend, with the Masters of the Summer Music Games and Southeastern Championship already under the corps' belt. The looming presence of storm clouds on the Charlotte skyline presented interesting conditions in which all the competitors were forced to contend with, along with the high level of humidity that added another surprise in the pattern of Mother Nature's unusual weather choices.

The performance itself was an exhilarating display of what "Felliniesque" is all about - passion, movies, and drum corps - encouraging the crowd to give the members a well-deserved standing ovation. It's been a common trait thus far, appealing to both fans of the Blue Devils and those who love drum corps in general, as the show touches on all the moments that inspire people to stand to their feet - whether its during the performance, or after.

After snack time, the corps loaded the buses and made their way to Lynchburg, Virginia - ready to gear up for a full day of rehearsal in preparation for their show on Tuesday evening in Salem, Virginia.

12 days remain.

July 28

After experiencing a long string of hot and humid weather since their visit to Texas, the corps welcomed the absolutely gorgeous and picturesque atmosphere at Brookville High School in Lynchburg, Virginia. Members were split into two blocks, with the guard/percussion attending to laundry in the morning, while the brass had their time to wash their clothes in the afternoon.

The ensemble rehearsal occurred later on in the evening - a massive crowd gathering at various points on campus before converging into the stands on the football field. They enjoyed the rousing performance of the corps' production, "Felliniesque", many staying afterwards to take pictures with members of the ensemble, as well as the local church that brought ice cream sandwiches for the corps during the evening snack.

You could hear the elation in the voices of the students as they had a chance to speak with some of the members, or the parents thanking instructors such as Scott Johnson for inspiring so many young minds, or the excitement a single student displayed when granted the opportunity to take a picture with last year's drum major, Marvin Reed. The influence the corps provides drives those who aspire to something greater to actually take that first step.

It's one of the mainstays of the activity - paying it forward, and with each performance for every crowd, there's another young mind who finds that spark of fire inside themselves and it remains with them until years later they're in that same position - performing with the corps of their dreams, continuing the cycle anew.

11 days remain.

Time for dance block!

Today has been an amazing day to be a blue devil! Just started our final block of the day, and the brass line is ready to get better tonight

Hans makes the best food for the vegetarians

Washing our flag silks!

I love a cores show I've watched it like 2938483 times I can't wait to try out for b core next year

Today is a beautiful day in Lynchburg Virginia! We have a full day of rehearsal and some time to do laundry! We get clean cloths and we get to clean our show! It's an awesome day!