Anything is possible in the magical wake of invention...
Be the first to own the "As Dreams Are Made On" and the "Hell Is Empty" t-shirt.
Join the Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard in welcoming the Madison Scouts to the west coast. Tickets are now available for purchase.
From California to New York to Indiana... find out where the A Corps will be performing this summer.
See the unforgettable season unfold in this documentary. This special set includes both the DVD and Blu-ray box, one price, two discs.
As BDPA continues to grow and thrive, the time is right to add to the leadership team in a significant way.
JOIN Blue Devils "C" color guard for the 2016 season. First rehearsal Monday, April 4th. There is a parent meeting for color guard parents. Still accepting membership in the brass and front field ensemble.
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