BD Performing Arts is honored and blessed to have the following incredible supporters. Thank you very much for your support. We could not continue these programs without you!

Annual Contributors for 2017

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$5,000 – $9,999
Kit Rodgers


$2,500 – $4,999
Doug Huras
JoEllen & Mac McEntire
Linda and Michael Downs


$1,000 – $2,499
Gavin David Abshire
Francesca DeMello (Muzio)
Debra & Phil McArthur
Elizabeth Gendron
Greg Gilman
Carole Ann Kaui Henderson
Terry Maurer


$500 – $999
Concord Lions Club
Tobias Leonard
Tim Lundberg
Stephen G. Opperwall
Kathy Santo
Lee Shuff
Jim Sprouls
Todd Tanji
Dave Watrous


$250 – $499
David Bronsen
Thomas Joseph
Jeanne Oxendine
Nigel Crabb
Thomas Krum
Al Simonsen
Daniel & Cristina Masterson
Fred Lenway
Tim and Tracie Root
Ronny Hirata
Waggoner Family
Todd Hobert
Phil McArthur
Jason and Liane Detering
Alice Miller


$100 – $249
Kathy E. Bacon
Charles Kilbourne
Perry Grant Reid
Patricia Bitter
Helene Landry
Bruce Roever
Bob & Lynell Pratt
Larry Lawless
Alan Silverstein
Munson Chan
Dan Matejczyk
John Smith
Dave & Liz Yingling
Yvonne Jeanette Moss
Katie WIlls
Erron and Natalie Garrett
Sharon Pearce (Rhebergen)
Nick Wideman
James Fulford
Doug Peterson
Mavis & Ken Zwiefel
John Gerling
John Pipitone


$50 – $99
Danielle Mitchell
Steven Michael Montague
Christopher L Atkinson
Andrew Ebert
Carl J Ouillette
Jason Bartschi
David Gibbs
Larry Shane
Mike Bruster
Chris Gomez
Bryan Shaw
Ronald Budzitowski
Gwen Seawright
Ronald Small
Jason Carpenter
Rubye Del Harden
Kevin Stambaugh
Molly Christopherson (Maffe)
Leslie Kim
Janice Elaine Damstra (Fox)
John Mello


Under $50
Rick Cannon
Betsy Henderson
Jeanne Hollinger
Justin & Kelly Heimbecker
Chris Perry
Sherrylene Santos
Suzanne Zamora