Gail Schultz


With a very heavy heart BDPA and the Blue Devils must announce that we lost a rare gem. Gail Schultz was the face, heart, and soul of the Blue Devils in so many ways and for so many years. Words fall short in describing the impact she made on our organization, but we can definitely say that we would not have the Blue Devils we know today without her. We all will miss her greatly.

In the many roles she played with the Blue Devils, Gail was simultaneously an unabashed enthusiastic supporter, graceful ambassador, and incredibly hard worker who was willing to take on any task asked of her. Through her natural friendliness and communication savvy, Gail’s efforts connected us to our local community, the country, and the world. She interacted with literally everyone at the Blue Devils, was a joy to work with, and made a positive difference in the lives of all she touched.

Gail started her involvement with the Blue Devils in 1971 when her daughter Christine joined the Twirlers and was a member of the USTA National Champions Annette’s Pets Twirling Team. Gail's son Steven participated in the Jr Drum & Bell Corps. Gail managed the Junior and Senior Twirling Corps as well as the Winter Guard, and served on the Board of Directors from 1976 to 1990. She was Board president in 1977–1978 and from 1985–1987 and also chaired the Precision West committee from 1985–1992. As Marketing and Development Director, Gail coordinated special events and recruitment drives, created public relations materials, and represented the Blue Devils to the City Chamber of Commerce. As Promotions Manager, Gail coordinated all aspects of the souvenir sales: on the road with the A Corps during the summer and from the office during the off season.

"Gail was so proud of having been the first female to be president of the Blue Devils," said Donna Batchelor, president of BD Performing Arts. "When Rosa Lee (Harden) and I came along she was always proud of the women that came after her. We had big shoes to fill. She will be truly missed."

"When Gail retired, we all missed her amazing personality and it was never the same without her infectious presence”, said David Gibbs. "This is truly a sad day for all of us, but our fond memories and our love for Gail will live on forever".

Article from the local Concord newspaper: "Face of the Blue Devils"

If you would like to have thoughts, memories, or pictures you would like to share, please send to the Blue Devils.

Patrick Seidling
I’ll start with four memories:
1) Her warm welcome to Tamee and I when we joined the BD fam.
2) Hosting her at our home and having her join us in bleacher seats for the Rose Parade.
3) 3 days with her (and Rosa Lee!) in a van on safari in South Africa. Crazy laughs!
4) The one time she chewed me out for not inviting her on a BDI gig to Taiwan. At first I thought she was fake-mad. Quickly learned otherwise! Woo hee, she wore me out! Lol!
Todd Ruegemer
I met Gail in 1985 my first year of BD. Over the course of my 3 years I had the pleasure of getting to know Gail. The best thing I liked about Gail was whenever you needed someone to talk to it seemed like Gail was there for you. Thanks for the talks Gail. RIP!! 💙💙💙
Gabriel Paul Rogers
Aside from being the most wonderful person to talk to at the office when I would come in early on camp weekends (Pete talked to himself mostly), she was the first person at BD I was able to introduce my future (at the time) wife. We bumped into her at DCE in Holland 2012 and she showed me the mock ups for our ring that year before anyone had seen them. Genuinely the sweetest, most welcoming person I’ve ever met.
Esperanza Tovar
Talking to her anytime I saw her about any life tips she could give me so I could be as happy and as sweet as she was. And every time she said “ everyone had kindness in them, you just can’t be afraid to show it”

I loved every conversation I had with her. ❤️
Ronny Hirata
Gail was always willing to work with me when I wanted to do something for the kids. Always an "Ok, let me ask Dave.". I was also happy that she recognized me a while after she had retired.
Cat Clark
I was stationed in Germany and BD came to Europe. I drove up to Aachen to see the corps, see folks and attend the show. I gave Gail ride that was supposed to be back to the school from rehearsal and we got super lost! So we were driving around town in my convertible Mustang laughing because we are so lost, but loving the weather with the top down! It was a fun time, we finally made it back to the school...eventually LOL
Kimberly Ely Jones
Gail was always there for anything you needed. Such a shining soul, always smiling. It was a highlight every summer to greet her at the souvie Stand and to reconnect. No matter how many years it had been since my age out she always took time to chat, reminisce and just smile and laugh. 💙
Sheryl Miles
Her house was always open to me and staff. She even had some color guard members who could not find housing stay in her small living room. She loved to sit out on her back patio and we would bbq steaks or chicken. We would Talk about Blue Devils and her family. She loved both of those things so much. You really did not want to let her drive. We would always make some kind of an excuse that myself or Rick,Tab or Karen would drive. She was so social she forgot she was driving.
Krystal Cookie Shepherd-Greene
Sheryl Miles she let me stay one year and then my sister. And every time I would see her after I aged out she knew who I was and asked about my family. She was kind and I I’m grateful to have known her.
Kari White
I was 15 when I joined the Blue Devils and out of state. Gail would make sure for every camp that my housing was taken care of for every camp. When I was on the visual staff and stayed on the bus, she would always ask how things are going and would invite me into the hall to speak with her while she did some administrative tasks. I would assist her with some of the busy work and we would have amazing conversations!
Ronny Hirata
Oh yeah, I remember one year, I went all the way to Indy and I found out my dumb ass had left my finals tickets at home. It was a ticket for me and Cat Clark. You know what hell that would've been if I couldn't get that cleared up considering Cathy was riding her motorcycle from IL or something like that? Someone told me to talk to Gail. She had a list of everyone who bought through the corps and she notified will call at Lucas and I was saved!! Saved from the hell that would've been Cathy giving me crap for years for forgetting the tickets in LA. God bless you for that Gail!
TJ Doucette
Gail sucker punching a certain errant driver in Allentown. She had a feisty side that came out in that well deserved moment. Classic story.
Robby Jacobson
For 8+ years Gail literally created a home away from home for me...

I loved coming home from all days and hearing her stories of how “crazy “ the office was at the hall that day...

We would make sure to watch the Tony Awards every year and split a pizza.

She loved the Stanford show and no one worked harder on it than she did

She loved the Allentown after-party that all the corps’ souvie workers had

She knew exactly how to get our spot for the Blue Devil booth at Indy- and it definitely was the best spot to have!

...these are just a few of the many...
Tabatha Nickens
Gail was always like a mom to me on tour, very protective. Once when driving the trailer with Cheri Mehan to San Antonio, I ran into a wild boar & it sure made a disaster on the outside of the trailer! Gail saw the mess & heard we hit a pig...she saw Cheri first & said “Cheri you hit a pig?!?!” Cheri answered “not me, it was her!” And pointed to me...Gail responded “oh no Tabatha are you okay??” She was always looking out for me and making sure I was good!
Brian Dinkel
My first summer on staff with the corps, I was hanging around at the corps office on a Friday afternoon before a camp weekend. Gail enlisted me to help her move boxes from a container in the back behind the hall, and then when she found out I was a new member of the staff, totally decked me out in BD merch for the weekend.
Roberto Tiscareno
I can tell you about the time I jumped the stadium wall at DCI in 2004 and got kicked out of the stadium by security. As I was walking out of the stadium I saw Gail and she said come back with me. She winked and said you’re my assistant.

But I’d rather tell you about the time Eriq passed away and Gail helped us raise money to honor our lost BD sister. She gave us a souvie booth table at family day and in Fresno. She gave me dvds of Inside BD of every year he marched to gift to his family so they could see him perform again. She didn’t even have to ask me what years he marched. She knew. Gail and Tabatha Nickens requested extra bracelets we made so they can sell them in the souvie booth to other alumni they saw on tour.

Gail was kind and thoughtful. We had an amazing time together during the ‘03 Japan Tour. I’m grateful for all that she has done for myself, my brother, our lost friend Eriq, and all of the alumni/volunteers she has touched over the years.
Donna Batchelor
I joined the Blue Devils family in 2003. Gail was there to welcome me. And every day since then - Gail was there.
Sarah Cartmill Odello
Gail loved the Blue Devils. She loved the kids. She also was not having any of your bullshit. I worked on support staff with her and can speak from experience. I just think... she’d want people to remember she was tough and ran shit as needed, too - she wasn’t just some sweet old lady. We clashed sometimes but I loved seeing her eyes twinkle in so many scenarios... mostly watching the Blue Devils excel, and on occasion, thwarting her opponents.

Rest Easy Miss Gail. You were a bad ass lady. ❤️💙✨
Steve Vento
I marched 30 years ago and Gail was in the office as I helped with Bingo etc. After I aged out and until I got on staff, I’d drop by the souvie booth whenever I could while I was teaching with other corps and she always knew my name. She was amazing at that!! Gail remembered so much about you, your back story, etc.. an amazing ambassador for BD and just a sweet person. 💙
John Donovan
Gail was the person that welcomed me into the Blue Devils organization when my sons marched in the early 2000's. It was her over-sized personality, her love for the corps and the kids, and her dedication to the organization that showed me that this was a place I should dedicate my time to. She was the first person I sought-out at every drum corps show I attended and she was normally the last person I said goodbye to when leaving. In many ways, she was the "BD Mom" to all of us. I have missed her (sometimes wicked) smile in the past few years since she retired - but it is one that I will never forget. Rest in Peace sweet Gail. 💙💙💙
Tim Darbonne
In 2015 I was sitting in the conference room and not out teaching the corps. Gail is in there moving some boxes or something.

Pete walks in and says "Why aren't you out at rehearsal?"

I say: "Jaime told me to chart the international corps drill with Jay so I'm just waiting on him to get started."

Pete: OMG YOURE DOING IT?! THIS SHOULD BE JAIME AND JAY. He's continuing to say things after he storms off.

Gail could tell I looked a little defeated. She put her hand on my shoulder and said "sweety I think you're going to do great."

It made me smile.

At that moment Jay walked in with drill paper, his pencils/drawing compass with a big gulp of mountain dew and said " 10 am and we're already in trouble?"
Darick Kelly
I loved Gail! My first year in 2004, when I first met her, she already knew who I was, and she knew I was from NYC. From that day on she always knew me as, and called me “the snare drummer from New York”.

There’s a restaurant here in NYC called Blue Smoke that has a famous music venue called The Jazz Standard. I walked into the BD hall one day in 2005 during all days and she sees me wearing a Blue Smoke cap and she says, “I love it! You know, we’ve never had any merchandise that says blue smoke.” Fast forward to 2006, I was teaching a small corps out of NYC and went to the souvie area outside the stadium. Gail was at the souvie booth, she sees me walking by, calls me over with her finger, and says, “looks what we have, thanks to you!” It was the first items sold with “Blue Smoke”. She gave me a complimentary shirt that day all because of our conversation in the office in 2005!
Teresa Saunders
I feel so blessed to have called her a friend and confidant. I had the pleasure of seeing her in action and watching her welcome people when they came back around as well as represent BDPA throughout the community and our activity. I was always impressed at her ability to make people feel so welcomed and appreciated. I will miss my friend, her laugh and smile, and remember the fun times we shared.
Jim Wunderlich
Gail was always one of the warmest members of the BD organization. For most of my years at BD, I could count on her to be in the office when I dropped in, and we would spark up a sincere conversation that would snap me out of the daily rigamarole. Also, seeing her at random shows in the summer would brighten my day. She was always incredibly sweet. She had a huge heart. I will miss her. Rest In Peace, Gail.
Ken Honsberger
When I was responsible for the Allentown show and then working for DCI there was no one more welcoming and kind as Gail. She truly knew what it was like to be on the promotion and sponsorship side of the activity and in my visits to California for the Concord Pavillion shows and my time with DCI she was always someone that I could talk to about the ideas around the promotional side of drum corps.

After I left DCI I would see Gail at some of the championships and she was always, always so kind and generous. Like many things in drum corps as I moved away from the activity, we lost touch with one another, but her memory will always be with me.

Reading of her passing set me back a bit but also made me remember how good of a person she was.

My heart goes out to you, the Blue Devils organization, and her family.
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