2020 was certainly a challenging year for the performing arts. But despite the trials of a worldly pandemic, our hope and love of each other – and our love for music and performance – has inspired us to create an exciting plan for the coming year. The BD Experience has always been unique, but for 2021 we were tasked with reimagining a new approach that would allow us to Reconnect, Reinvent, and Reunite in ways that honor our commitment to innovative excellence. We believe that what we have planned for this summer is undoubtedly one of the most unique and rewarding experiences ever offered by a marching arts organization.

Whether you’re a current member, hopeful auditionee, eager student, or just an overall fan of our organization, we guarantee BD Performing Arts has something great in store for you in 2021! Some of these exciting things are happening right now, some are happening later this summer, but they’re ALL building up to an unforgettable and triumphant return to the field and floor in 2022.


Good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who get a head start. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that 2022 auditions for The Blue Devils and RCC Indoor are officially open! (Yep, you read that right – 2022.)

Starting January 22nd and lasting through May 3rd, eligible individuals are encouraged to submit video auditions for The Blue Devils, RCC, or both! Those who receive a contract or callback for The Blue Devils will be invited to participate in an incredible lineup of “intensives” and performance activities planned for the summer of 2021. Callbacks for the 2022 ensembles will be held in-person beginning in September, and our goal is to have both ensembles fully cast by October, which will give us the unique chance to start fostering relationships and building the culture of these ensembles earlier than ever before.

Already committed to another group for the 2021 summer? Not a problem! We still encourage you to audition now, secure your spot for 2022, and join us in September when things start ramping up. We can’t wait to meet so many new faces in addition to our 2020 members who are able to return. And if you feel like you need a little extra coaching to get ready, we’ve developed an exciting new online prep course that is taught by the same staff who will be evaluating your auditions. Read more about that below!


This summer offers a once in lifetime opportunity to do things in a way we have never attempted before, and explore a whole new set of performance opportunities. This summer, we’ve outlined three exciting member intensives which are designed to provide performance opportunities, maintain our culture of excellence, and serve as building blocks toward the 2022 season.

The first is our Music Intensive which includes a week-long learning experience for brass and percussion members where you will work hand in hand with the exceptional staff we all know and love. In addition, members will have a very exciting and unique opportunity to participate in a recording session for Extreme Music at Fox Studios in Hollywood! This is an amazing opportunity for our musicians to get a professional experience of this size and scale that may even include performances and clinics with special guest performers.

The second is our Color Guard Intensive which consists of a week-long retreat where members will have the opportunity to explore movement, dance, and equipment technique with Scott Chandler and our talented color guard staff. This will be a remarkable opportunity to get together as performers, developing and strengthening both individual and group skills. The intensive will feature special guest choreographers and culminate in a live performance shared with our friends, families, and fans.

The third, which we are very excited to share with you, is our Full Ensemble Performance Intensive. This is made possible thanks to a group of amazing international sponsors, and due to their support, The Blue Devils have received a special invitation to perform at the 15th anniversary of the Basel Tattoo in Switzerland! Of course, all these opportunities are subject to change as health, wellness, and safety will always be our number one priority.

And in the event we are not able to travel internationally or gather for one of these events, you can rest assured we have more exciting plans up our sleeve. If Basel doesn’t work out, we intend to host a 1-2 week Performance and Development Intensive in Hawaii or California which would also feature Guest Choreographers and culminate in a live performance that will be broadcast to the world. Additionally, we are hoping to organize BD Entertainment style performances around the United States throughout the summer months.

These member intensives are designed to serve as a building block for the future. These intensives are open to current members as well as individuals that receive a callback or contract for 2022 through the audition process. Don’t miss this opportunity to start learning what it means to be a Blue Devil. Come get immersed in the culture, learn from our staff, and be ready to hit the ground running for the 2022 season!

Virtual Collaboration


Ever wish there was a way to ease the stress of audition prep? Or maybe you’re curious about exactly what the Blue Devils and RCC staff look for in prospective members? If that’s the case, we invite you to check out BDPA’s new, one-of-a-kind Virtual Audition Academy: a specialized 10-week curriculum for Brass, Front Ensemble, Battery Percussion, and Color Guard students who are looking to polish their skills and elevate their next audition.

Each Monday, starting February 8th, students will sign on to attend a 90-minute interactive class that focuses on a new topic each week. From technique discussions to music exercises, our World Class educators will guide you through everything you need to know. Did we mention these classes are taught by some of the greatest educators of all time? You'll be learning from Scott Johnson, John Meehan, TJ Doucette, Chip Crotts, Brian Dinkel, Sean Vega, Rick Barclay, Matt Regua, and more.

Students can choose to participate in real time or go back to review classes in our archive, making this perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. Supplemental assignments will also be available every week (but are not required) and each course will culminate with a final project where students have the chance to submit a mock video audition and receive personalized feedback. In addition to the top tier virtual education, students will also enjoy:

We often hear prospective members say they don’t think they’ve got what it takes to audition, but with this Virtual Academy, you’ll have the chance to learn from the very same staff who is going to be evaluating your audition. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a foot in the door and ensure you’re the most prepared! Not auditioning for The Blue Devils or RCC? Not a problem! The skills and knowledge you’ll gain through the Virtual Audition Academy will apply to almost any ensemble or institution. In fact, our courses are perfect for anyone who simply wants to broaden their individual practice routines or dust off those winter cobwebs.

Summer Education


Over the past year, music programs across the country have taken a devastating hit. Through diminished school resources and virtual learning, many students simply don’t have access to quality music education when it’s needed most. But through our continued partnership with USBands, we hope to change that in 2021! Together, we are proud to introduce the USBands Education Series, Powered by The Blue Devils.

This series of educational events will serve as a phenomenal opportunity for students, performers, and educators of all ages and skill levels to reunite through valuable in-person experiences, reclaiming their motivation and passion for the arts. From elementary students just getting their start in music to the most experienced band directors and educators – there will be something available for everyone!

  • The USBands Young People’s Music Experience
  • The USBands Special Needs Camp (in partnership with United Sound)
  • The USBands Educator Experience
  • The USBands Music & Marching Arts Camp

These events and activities have been artfully created by some of our organization’s top designers and staff, and will feature many Blue Devils instructors, members, and alumni in immersive teaching roles. We are excited to provide these opportunities for growth and hope to instill confidence, spread excellence, and empower YOU to reach the next level.

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