Cabaret Voltaire

– Pre-Season

The 2012 Blue Devils welcome you to the challenging, whimsical, thought- provoking world of CABARET VOLTAIRE. Where the presentation could reveal a militarized duty-bound masculinity contrasted with a complete disregard for the rules. Instead of a carefully orchestrated structure, evening performances offered improvisation, the deliberate juxtaposition of uncoordinated actions, and a delight in the chaotic. The Cabaret Voltaire launched an age of questioning that made its international way into a variety of artistic forms from poetry and theatre to dance and sculpture. The search for the Dada parallels in today’s world fuels the 2012 Blue Devils production with a range of music from the influential Satie to the iconic exploration of Mingus. Dada lives through an exciting circle of musical and visual questions and answers. How do the concepts of collage and ready-made objects find their way into the musical soundscape? Where does the spoken word dance a manifesto of cinematic cycles? Disruptive by design and irreverently iconoclastic, the Blue Devils travel the US for this exciting showcase of drum corps most talented performers.

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Cabaret Voltaire
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