"It is tempting to be almost mystical about rhythm, as time after time the uses, absences, withdrawals and distortions of rhythm are observed to affect profoundly the ways of everything from men to atoms. Rhythm is the great organizer". The legendary choreographer Doris Humphrey offered this insight into the most basic driving force of music and dance. With every harmony, drill move, rifle toss or cymbal crash, rhythm is the foundation on which every drum and bugle corps performance is built. In a celebration of pure expressive power, the Blue Devils present their 1999 production: "RHYTHMS... at the edge of time".

Musical discovery has always generated influence from one culture to the next, and the geographical migration of basic dance rhythms throughout the world unfolds into an exciting, everlasting family tree of music and motion. From the primitive foundations of tribal communication to the celebration of American jazz with it's jubilant swing era, "RHYTHMS... at the edge of time" is a production that crosses the great historical and cultural divide. Just as the evolution of percussive rhythms offered influence one on the other....the Blue Devils present a program of contemporary music that takes flight on the wings of this incredible musical journey. Through the simplicity of an elemental rhythmic pattern each production expands into a musical fabric of influence, character and color.

The program opens with primitive Afrocuban rhythms... and follows these rhythms to the "Malambo" from Alberto Ginastera's ballet "Estancia". A change of rhythm introduced by the color guard leads to the second production, "Powerhouse, Rhumba for Orchestra" by Graeme Koehne. A quick change in rhythmic interpretation and velocity moves the ensemble to a Samba.

"Adios Nonino" by Astor Piazzolla is production number three. The rhythm is Tango. The mood is sensual. Seductive. Passionate. A classic Blue Devil interpretation of this most well known of the Latin rhythms.

Another slight change in rhythm leads to Graeme Koehne's "Unchained Melody"... best described as jazz...funky, quirky, modern jazz.

This journey through rhythm culminates in American Swing. Fast, fun, and always popular. A rhythm whose roots are elemental and whose appeal is international. A rhythm not in isolation, but part of a continuum of expression from the original Afrocuban beat, through variations in Malambo, Rhumba, Samba, Tango, and Jazz.

The 1999 Blue Devils present the joy of expression, a dance to the rhythms, "RHYTHMS... at the edge of time".