Big, Bad, and Blue

Just mention jazz around drum corps, and the Blue Devils are the first thing that comes to mind. With unparalled success, the six time DCI Champion has explored the world of jazz -- bringing their audiences seasons of Blues, Latin, Big Band, Neo-phonic, and Swing. This season the Blue Devils are again playing jazz, but you've never heard or seen it like this! Expect the same DCI Champion caliber brass line, match it with a vastly improved and musically sensitive percussion section, and with the corps' largest guard ever-- 38 male and female dancers. Place all of this within a visual presentation that is unique to the character of jazz -- musical presentation through the blend of free form, form, and changing sound stages. Experience the steamy choreography and sophisticated style of the "new Blue Devils". Be ready to "let your hair down" with these musicians and dancers in eleven minutes of hot, sultry jazz. It's a four o'clock drum corps in a two o'clock town.

The Blue Devils have long been the masters of technique and precision, but have been criticized for their lack of audience appeal. This season, however, the corps puts the audience first, and competes for their 7th DCI Championship with their most entertaining and innovative show to date.

The show begins with Harry Connick, Jr.'s title track from his "Blue Light, Red Light" album. The mood is sophisticated , nocturnal -- the guard appropriately provocative. Relax... experience the mood... visualize jazz. Johnny Richards' "Cuban Fire" is next. It's presented as a suite, including El Congo Valiente, Fuengo Cubano, and La Suerte de los Tontos. Move along with the initial driving rhythms through the lyrical strains of what is certain to be one the corps' most beautiful ballads. "La Suerte" climaxes the suite. A classic from the Blue Devils' repertoire, this time it's set on fire with color, costumes, and speed.

In the final production of "When a Man Loves A Woman" you'll experience the Blue Devils like never before. Picture the entire corps in character as they present this classic of passion and power. You've long admired the Blue Devils. This year you'll love them.