Blue Devils Win World Music Contest


Email to The Blue Devils from Mr. Reumkens

Hello Dave, Gail, Pete and all the Devils!

Despite the fact that you propably will have seen this on our site, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on winning the WMC Championship title in the Show contests 2005, Corps Style Class!

I hope this will boost your morale in such a way, that you will now head straight for the DCI Championship in Boston and make us all proud.

We decided to give Nancy, who escorted your group in such an excellent way, the honour to receive the championship banner on your behalf at the award ceremony in the stadium, which was sold out for the occasion (20,000 crowd!). I hope you can agree with me on this one.

Fred Consten, our staff photographer, will add a number of photos to this mail, so that you can see for yourself what the apotheosis of the WMC 2005 looked like.

Bonne Chance for the remaining 10 days of preparation! Let us stay in contact about how to get the championship banner to you in California as soon as possible. I am drowning in volunteers who would like to make the trip (Thea, Regina, my wife, Nancy and many more), but it will have to be done with dignity I think.

Thank you for your great contribution to the festival this year and we hope to be able to continue this cooperation in the future.
Best wishes
Harry Reumkens, artistic leader

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World Music Contest

From Dave Gibbs replying to Mr. Reumkens


Thank you so much for the email. This is WONDERFUL news. We have been anxiously waiting the results. I announced the results to our members and staff. They were extremely excited. I am planning a special night for them to celebrate their great achievement at WMC.

That is great that Nancy accepted the award. It is very appropriate.

Your event and the trip was such an awesome experience. We will cherish our memories forever. In some ways, we wish we were still over in Europe with the extremely warm receptions. Your organization exemplifies professionalism and fairness. We miss all very much.

We would love to see everyone again. I hope all can make it to California and be our special guest. Please let me know.

We will look forward to continued opportunities in the future. Thank you so much.

Your friend,
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