Individual & Ensemble Competition


I&E Competition was held at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence. All performers were outstanding. We will be bringing you video footage and scores in the next few days. Stay tuned.

Wednesday night, the corps is busy putting the final touches on the Dance Derby of the Century before Thursday's Quarter-Finals show. "The corps is having great rehearsals and can't wait for tomorrow's show. Do it up!" said Ryan Darke after performing a trumpet solo. Highlights included Tim Jackson's tenor solo as well as Casey Brohard on the snare. "The place went nuts."

Casey Brohard Blue Devils 95.00
Darick Kelly Blue Devils 92.50
Nick Hayden Spartans 89.00
Freddie Smith Santa Clara Vanguard 87.20
Matt Regua Pacific Crest 87.00
Naohiro Kamaka Pacific Crest 86.00
Kohei Minami Pioneer 85.50
Nathaniel Alford Blue Devils 84.50
Avellino Amado East Coast Jazz 84.00
John McClean Esperanza 83.00
Anthony Porter Blue Devils B 81.00

Multi Tenor
Timothy Jackson Blue Devils 98.00
Mike Hodges Phantom Regiment 93.50
Michikazu Narita Cavaliers 92.50
Brian Lange Boston Crusaders 85.50
A.J. Pace Teal Sound 84.50
Niel Burns Boston Crusaders 83.50
Jeffrey Bickford Spirit of Newark 82.00
A.J. Woollery Kiwanis Kavaliers 81.00
Gary Russell Blue Knights 73.50

Corey Heddon Santa Clara Vanguard 94.80
Andrew Bajorek Cavaliers 90.00
Steven Estudillo Pacific Crest 89.50
Mathew Petterson Blue Devils 89.00
David Caravella Blue Devils 88.50
Elizabeth Soules Capital Sound 87.50
Alejandro Guardia Kiwanis Kavaliers 86.30
Ryan Barry Boston Crusaders 86.00
Ryan Fisk Cavaliers 84.00

Trumpet (Soprano)
Ryan Darke Blue Devils 98.00
Beau St. Pierre Cavaliers 96.50


Theodore Fredrick Blue Devils 97.50
Matt Lamm Cavaliers 97.00
Robert Murray Blue Devils 96.40
Stuart Shulman Santa Clara Vanguard 96.00
Adrian Martinez Boston Crusaders 95.50
Johsh Bowling Southwind 95.00
Geoff Lee Dutch Boy 94.50
Ryan Sween Blue Knights 93.50
Josh Dorgan Cavaliers 93.00
Evan Ching Pacific Crest 91.50
Grant Swift Colts 90.70
Katie Peak Colts 89.50
Jared Law Pioneer 88.70
Shane Connolly Colts 88.10
Daniel Lesch Blue Stars 87.00
Erin Lillietors Southwind 86.50
Mike Krueger Cavaliers 85.20
Rafael Arenas Impulse 82.50
Kevin Madden Spartans 79.50
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