NEW 2006 Current Year CD


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This unforgettable CD is an offer you can’t refuse, this searing epic of imagery and symbolism…a romantic, passionate journey of family and fortune. Put on your fedora, order some roses, and if you hear the words “sleep” and “fishes” in the same sentence, run.

The musical journey takes its cue from Nino Rota. Rota created for “The Godfather” films a powerful musical score that includes some of the most memorable themes in cinema history. From the film’s opening “Godfather Waltz” to “Sicilian Pastorale” to the dramatic “Love Theme”, the score is scented with intricate melodies, passages shaded with Italian zest, and hauntingly tragic themes.

The staggering magnitude of “The Godfather” is beheld through an eclectic collage of classical music and jazz, soundtrack effects and symphonic strains, the rhythms of danger and an occasional stillness worthy of Omerta, the Mafia code of silence. There will be themes of affectionate love and mad aggression, an elegant waltz and a loving ballad, and most definitely a rush of edgy, sinister undercurrents. It’s best to remember that through it all…never, but never underestimate the element of surprise.

This CD also includes:

  • NEW 2006 recorded selections
  • The 2006 Blue Devil ‘B’ Corps
  • Blue Devils fans’ favoritesPLUS
  • DCI Championships performance of the 2005 production, “Dance Derby of the Century”

Only on these recordings will you find the one-of-a-kind sound of the Blue Devils!

Order NOW and get $5 off. Shipping June 19th

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