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On Wednesday August 9th, The Blue Devils will be doing two very special recordings. See below for information. At 10:30am the public is welcome to see the "Live" studio recording of the Blue Devils and their 2006 production. It will take place at the Overture Center in downtown Madison.


“Inside the BD Drumline ‘06” is the ultimate marching percussion video. Featuring the percussion section of the 2006 Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps, this unique project will provide an “in-depth” look at one of the foremost marching percussion sections on the performance field today.

Shot entirely in High Definition Video, recorded and released in both digitally mastered stereo and 5.1 audio “Inside the BD Drumline ’06” will be the most technically sophisticated, state of the art project documenting drum corps on the market to date.

Footage for “Inside the BD Drumline ‘06” will be captured the week of the Drum Corps International Championships in Madison Wisconsin, August 6-12.

Behind the lens of the project, long-time drum corps documentary filmmaker Michael Zapanta (009.LA) will offer a rare look into the lives, experiences and processes of this extremely talented, disciplined and entertaining group of young performers as they make their run at an unprecedented 12th Drum Corps International (DCI) World Championship title.


“Inside the BD Drumline 06” will rely on a unique combination of behind the scenes “reality style” footage and conventional style documentary filmmaking. It will include state of the art 3d animation, a special indoor recording session, an exclusive view of the line’s DCI Championship performances, their competition, the fans who adore them and a digitally mastered mix by audio specialists Dolby Laboratories.

“Conventional Documentary“ Approach:

“Inside the BD Drumline ‘06” will employ a narrator of the likes of a NFL films or PBS Frontline documentary. Providing a deep sense of importance, this adult male voice will guide us through the week of rehearsals, show prep, and competition. His narration will include such topics as the introduction of each instrument and how it relates to the ensemble, the demand of the performer, how an arranger writes a show, how the staff works and communicates with one another, as well as how the ensemble prepares for the World Championships.

The “Reality Style” Approach:

Three high definition cameras dedicated to the drumline throughout the week of Championship’s will capture the “reality style” behind the scenes events. From wake up to pass out and all the events in between: bus rides, chow lines, rest breaks, parking lot warm ups, etc, this footage will provide the inside day to day grind and successes associated with life on the road. Inter-cut with this footage will be interviews with staff and members discussing their thoughts, anxieties, and state of mind as they attack the week of Championships.


3d Graphics

Unlike any other video/dvd of its kind, “Inside the BD Drumline ‘06” will utililize high quality 3d graphics to reveal a special inside look into the physics of a marching percussionist: his instrument, his athletic movement, how sound travels, and how an ensemble plays together given the demands of movement and sound and outdoor performances.

The Indoor “Studio Recording”

This section of the dvd will be recorded indoors at the newly renovated Overture Center in Madison Wisconsin on Wednesday morning August 9th ( It will feature the warm ups, special drum licks and the 2006 show in its entirety. Produced in conjunction with Dolby Laboratories, this feature will be recorded by Dolby Laboratories’ engineers John Loose and Adam Pinch with special consultation by long-time drum corps sound recording specialist, Frank Dorritie. It will be shot on the main stage of the center and will include mulit-camera angles including a 15’ jib that will be brought in especially for this event.

Also worth noting, Dolby Laboratories will be utilizing this footage for its demonstration of Dolbys technology on the new HD dvd and Blue Ray High Definition dvd discs. (see “distribution and exhibition” below).

The Championship Performances

From the three performances of the DCI Championships there will be a single line cut of the drumline’s 2006 show. Using the 5.1 recording provided by DCI and it’s audio recording engineer Larry Rock, Audio Director of the New York Philharmonic, this cut will be the first-ever video capture of the line in High Definition Video.

The Fan and The Competition

The story of the BD Drumline could not be accurately told without the inclusion of both BD’s competition and its fans. Therefore, throughout the week, we will be capturing rehearsals and performances of some of the line’s fiercest competitors. Additionally, we will include a rare look into some of the line’s most passionate fans - exploring their never-ending fervor and enthusiasm.

The Final Mix

Dolby Laboratories will be providing a digitally master stereo and 5.1 final mix in addition to the recording engineering services taking place on August 9th at the Overture Center.


“Inside the BD Drumline ‘06” has the following usage arrangements already in place:

As a standard definition dvd (to be released this fall) to service the unique niche market of rudimentary drummers and Blue Devil enthusiasts across the US, Japan and Europe.

As downloadable content from the Blue Devil’s site (

As a promotional source for Dolby Labs: to use in the demonstration of the new HD dvd and Blue Ray high definition dvd discs; as well as to display the unique recording technology of Dolby Labs.

“Inside the BD Drumline ‘06” has the following potential usage arrangements:

As a documentary program for High Definition Television Broadcasts outlets such as an HD Discovery, HDNet, or PBSHD.

As an HD dvd and/or Blue Ray dvd disc to be released and distributed through the Blue Devils and/or outside distribution networks such as Barnes and Noble, Tower Records,, etc.


The Blue Devils and the filmmakers would to thank in advance the following companies and individuals for their contribution and assistance in the creation of this production:

Dynasty USA, Mark W. Schafer - President, Al Murray - Vice President, Mark Reynolds
Dolby Laboratories, John Loose and Adam Pinch
DCI, Dan Acheson
Tom Blair, producer of the DCI Championships on ESPN2
The staff and members of the BD Drumline, Scott Johnson, percussion caption head
Steve Schoeder of the Overture Center Madison Wisconsin
BigVision, provider of the HD Cameras and technical resources

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