The Blue Devils are proud to announce its new 'internet media dispenser' - MediaBox . MediaBox places at your fingertips the ability to browse the entire media archive of videos, music, and podcasts produced by The Blue Devils. Videos are arranged by year and music by shows and categories - making it easy for you click on the media you want, then sit back and enjoy.

MediaBox allows you to watch and listen IMMEDIATELY - no waiting for the DVD or CD to arrive in the mail. You can watch FREE podcasts and select videos in their entirety in MediaBox - or enjoy a preview of items that are available for purchase and download .... all within your browser. Your purchased files can be downloaded instantly and enjoyed forever on your own media devices - such as an iPod or AppleTV.

Watch All the Blue Devils videos in One Place.
Get some microwave popcorn, sit back and browse the video vault - including podcasts, road videos, camp reports, and more. Podcasts all can be accessed via RSS feed and FREE podcasts can be subscribed through iTunes. More videos will be added constantly - including never-seen-before early years of The Blue Devils.

Create Your Own Video Library on Your Media Device
Pick your favorite Inside The Blue Devils documentaries, championship performances, drum rehearsals/peformances, and much more. Add them to your cart, use a credit card for secure purchase and play them on your computer, video iPod or use a media device like Apple TV to watch them on your big screen TV.

Create Your Own Blue Devils Music Playlists.
Pick your favorite drum solos, brass solos, or full-corps wailing moments. Just add them to your cart, use a credit card for secure purchase, and load up your iPod with your customized 'Best of the Blue Devils'.

Create Your Own Championship Through The Years CD
Load up your cart with each full show from all 11 championship years. Download, burn and you are ready for a road trip.

So check it out today. Visit often because more media will be added daily. Hang out and enjoy all of your favorite Blue Devil media at BD’s MediaBox
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