Letter From Sadao Yokota


Thank you very much for your gracious support and sponsorship for years. In the period of October 6-8, 2007 we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this marching pageantry event. The citizens of Okayama and Japanese marching fans are looking for seeing most of Japanese excellent marching groups as well as the Blue Devils, who is also celebrating 50th anniversary and the honorable 12-time world champion of DCI. Not only the Yokohama Scouts Junior Drum & Bugle Corps (2007 DCI International Div. Champion / 2006 DCJ Champion) and going to compete, but also Okayama will have the special guest groups like 2007 WGI Bronze Medalist, Aimachi Color Guard.
The Championship will have the DCI official judges from US in addition to the Japanese official DCJ judges. This is also another great feature for many drums corps to receive the best educational motivation. The judges also working on other marching bands to advise without scores. This has become the great feature of Japanese marching contest organizations as well as the Marching-In-Okinawa, who also celebrate the 20th Anniversary next year based on the long friendship with Okayama. Proudly these two organizations have enjoyed the nest of marching talent in Japan for two decades.
44 bands and drums corps are attending from all over Japan, northern Hokkaido and southern Okinawa. More than 2,000 performers and musicians are excited to exchange friendship by appreciating each other. Groups include the kindergarten bands and university bands. Okayama have excellent artists of all generations as of big marching family. Dynasty Japan and USA have supported this project for 20 years by featuring the world famous color guard group, San Jose Raiders, Walt Disney Epcot Future Corps, Magic Drum & Bugle Corps, Primary Colors (Dynasty Sponsored Group), and the Blue Deilvs as frequest visitor  to Japan.
This project has brighten up the educational scenes of Japanese marching band and drum corps contest activity by introducing the DCI adjudication system. In this aspect this year, FJM and Drillmaster agreed to join the educational sponsorship by sending judges to Japan. Today most marching organizations are working hard to improve the Japanese judge system since then. Furthermore Okayama has given the exciting judging job to the local mama and papas to comment on the children groups at the festival division. These judges have done excellent jobs proving their affection is not necessarily unfair.  
The Marching-In-Okayama has been the sole academic and educational marching pageantry in Japan for almost two decades covered by TV media. Not only excellent groups but also families and even judges are interviewed by them during the period. Already Okayama look for many guests as introduced in the news paper (attached pdf).
People from all over Japan and from the US, the Mecca of world marching activity are to enjoy their trip to Okayama, strolling in the beautiful classical gardens, historical architecture , Okayama Ujo Castle, and the elegant cultural life style of Okayama.
Once again we, Dynasty Japan, appreciating your gracious support and patronage.
Cordially ,

Sadao Yokota, President
Dynasty Japan Corp.

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