Blue Devils Age-Outs


Here are the 2002 Blue Devils age-outs. We will miss them greatly. They will always be a part of The Blue Devils Family. Thank you!

Yrs in BD Section Instr
Neil Adkison 5 Brass Soprano
Jessica Allen 5 Guard
Dan Barman 1 Percussion Bass
Christopher Baudino 3 Brass Baritone
Andrew Blount 2 Brass Soprano
Danielle Boyenger 1 Guard
Ralph Brooks 1 Guard
Jonathan Burroughs 2 Percussion Snare
Paul Chestnut 2 Brass Baritone
Siobhan Dugan 1 Guard
Joseph Falvey 3 Brass Alto
Kevin Feldser 1 Percussion Pit
James Foley 1 Brass Alto
Ian Francisco 2 Brass Soprano
Aaron Garrison 3 Percussion Snare
Jeremy Goldberg 1 Brass Soprano
Nathan Hamilton 3 Brass Contra
Geoffrey Hanson 1 Percussion Tenor
BJ Harden-Jones 2 Guard
Kurt Hensch 2 Percussion Tenor
Ching-Sheng (Jinga) Hsu 1 Brass Baritone
Kumiko Ishikawa 2 Brass Alto
Nicole Kalkhorst 2 Guard
Kyoko Kamei 2 Percussion Pit
Christopher Lamm 3 Brass Baritone
Tobias Leonard 2 Drum Major
Ellen Lewis 1 Guard
Rob Lime 1 Brass Contra
Louis Lugo II 1 Brass Baritone
Jeff Lynn 6 Brass Soprano
Joe Meadows 3 Brass Alto
Charles Mendiola 2 Percussion Bass
Sean Moran 2 Brass Baritone
Mason Morin 1 Brass Soprano
Austin Nielsen 2 Brass Baritone
Leslie Nigg 2 Guard
Mark Oates 1 Brass Baritone
Mylene Pilon 2 Percussion Pit
Cheryl Rauth 4 Brass Soprano
Jeanette Ream 1 Guard
Jose Rincon 4 Guard
Luis Rodriguez 2 Brass Soprano
Deborah Seeley 3 Guard
Craig Sellers 1 Brass Soprano
Francisco Torres 4 Guard
Carlos Vargas 1 Brass Alto
Daniel Wahl 2 Percussion Bass
Tao Hsuan Wu 1 Brass Contra
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