Championship Rundown


Thanks for Joining Us in Madison!!

Even if you weren't able to be in Madison, we tried make you feel like you were in the GE Box with us. Blue Devils Director Dave Gibbs told us all about the vibe at DCI - live from Madison both here and in the Championship forum!! Be sure to check out our blow by blow descriptions of Finals and Semifinals. There are also pictures of the top 17, scores, 360 degree Virtual Drum Corps pics, audio recordings of the BD Drumline's show day warmup and many pictures of the corps as they prepared for their run for the Championship.

Hot off the Presses!

We got a copy of the new Inside the Blue Devils - recorded in Surround Sound! This was a great recording session, and we burned copy for you to hear! Inside the Blue Devils 2002 will feature Music and video of the Blue Devils 2002 season. Here is an excerpt from the House of the Rising Sun for you to preview - recorded directly off the mixing board. Inside the Blue Devils will be available on DVD this fall from the Blue Devils. (1.2Mb mp3 file)

DCI Finals LIVE from Camp Randall

12:10PM - Good night from Camp Randall!!

The Scores...
1. 99.15 The Cavaliers
2. 97.30 Blue Devils
3. 96.75 The Cadets
4. 95.65 SCV
5. 92.4 TIE!! Boston Crusaders/Phantom Regiment
7. 91.50 Bluecoats
8. 91.00 Glassmen
9. 89.10 Crossmen
10. 85.45 Spirit of JSU
11. 84.85 Magic
12. 84.05 Cascades

11:55PM - The corps are starting to leave the field. What a fabulous show. Tomorrow morning, the corps will have breakfast together, and then, the season ends. Thanks to all for a wonderful year!! As our last gifts for you tonight, here is a great picture of all the finalists as they took the field for the finale. We have also posted our final 360 degree photo of the night - retreat! (requires QuickTime)

11:25PM - Caption awards are as follows: Cavies won all captions except drums and best Drum Major, which went to the Cadets. The corps are preparing to play America/O Canada.

Wow - it sounds GREAT!!!

11:20PM - As the finalists medals are being handed out to the finalists, I have three more 360 degree photos. Take a look at the Cadets, Cavaliers and our own Blue Devils.(requires QuickTime)

10:50PM - The Finale has begun. The Marine Drum and Bugle Corps has positioned themselves high in the back stands over the endzone and are playing the corps onto the field with John Phillip Souza's Stars and Stripes Forever. The Olympic Style retreat is always beautiful. The Vanguard have spaced themselves out to be the longest corps coming in for retreat, but it looks like either the Glassmen's or Boston's Bass Drum line will be the last to take their place.

10:34PM - I still can't get over how good the corps was tonight. Cavies have finished their show - they have such a great visual show, but it seemed a bit off tonight (as compared to yesterday). Now we wait for the scores...

10:20PM - Holy Standing O!! The Blue Devils have just put on the best performance of the year!! Multiple standing ovations from this crowd. We are all very proud of the corps for their wonderful show tonight. Just one corps left, and they are coming on the field...

10:08PM - The Blue Devils are beginning the one minute warmup - they sounds ready to rock this place!!! I'll be back at the conclusion of their performance.


9:58PM - Cadets are on the field playing Boogie Woogie Bugle Bay - crowd loves it. We have a treat for you at home - 360 degree photos of the Boston Crusaders, the Phantom Regiment and the Santa Clara Vanguard(requires QuickTime).

9:47PM - SCV has finished - what a performance! Dan Acheson has joined us in the pressbox. Dan - what are your personal highlights of the 2002 DCI Championships?

"3 new corps in Finals - that's fun! 16 top twelve corps 3 new Division I corps, and a paid audience of 20,200! Actual attenddees total over 26,000."

9:40PM - Santa Clara is having a great show - great marching, big glorious sound.

9:25PM - Phantom is on the field right now - and having a great show. Dave has gone to get the corps ready for the show. Good Luck!!!

9:12PM - Dave is getting ready to go hype the corps - any last word for the fans at home, Dave?

"It has been fun being able to bring everyone inside DCI with the Blue Devils - especially the friends and family of the performers. Thanks everyone!"

9:05PM - Boston is winding up their show - Dave will be leaving in minutes to get the corps .... it is getting close. Can you feel your heart starting to beat just a little bit faster?

8:50PM - Check out the 360 degree photo of the Glassmen (requires QuickTime)

Dave -what are you going to say to the corps tonight to help them prepare for this contest?

"I am going to tell them it is their night. They need come together as one and take their energy, passion and rock the stadium. It is all about THE Saturday night in Madison. A brand new night where dreams and memories will be realized for a lifetime. I am so proud of the members, Iwant them to soak it in and have the time of their lives. There is NOTHING like it .... ever. LETS GO AND ROCK THE HOUSE!"

8:48PM - It is starting to get electric at the stadium. We are on a break and then Boston steps off. Getting close to showtime!!. BD has about another 45 minutes of warm-up and then they will walk to the stadium.

8:42PM - Glassmen were anything but boring tonight! They have one of the finest soloists on the field, playing Flugel horn.

Dave - What are some of your favorite drum corps of the past?

" I would have to say of course The Blue Devils - all eras. Other corps ... probably Muchahos and Kinsgmen in 1974. Santa Clara in 1980. The Cadets in the mid 80's. Star in 1993.

8:25PM - Great job by the Bluecoats tonight - powerful in all sections...Glassmen are up next. The two corps tied in Semifinals with a score of 92.25. Dave - the scores seem very high this year - why do you think that is?

"I do believe that the corps this year are very high quality. I think that the bar has been raised for all groups. Top to bottom there are great corps. When you have strong programs like the ones we are seeing tonight, the spreads start pushing the total scores up. It makes it hard for our judges."


8:02PM - Crossmen are one of the hardest working Drum Corps on the field. The drill just keeps moving. Dave - how do they write this great stuff?

"Writing drill is tough. You have to start with a blank sheet of paper. The music guys at least get reference material. As the Visual Designer, you need to be able to see forms and transitions in your head and be able to intrepret the musical phrases with those visions. Trying to stage all sections correctly while creating effect visuals are a challenge. Then you have to think of a visual moment that no one has ever seen! BUT ... it is fun. I still get to contribute to the Blue Devils' program."

7:55PM - BD is in the HOUSE!! Corps Manager Pete Emmons just called to let Dave know that they are in the parking lot getting ready for preshow preparations. Go Big Blue!!

7:45PM - Magic of Orlando got the crowd fired up tonight. Magic is the first corps to ever perform as a contestant in every show of DCI Champioships - all 6 days!! Tenor drummer is fine! Crossmen are coming on the field. They start their show with the hornline hidden and only one person - a dance soloist - on the field.

7:35PM - A tenor drummer from Orlando Magic fell - and his drums came off the harness!! The field percussion judge helped him to his feet and he has rejoined the corps - looks like he's ok! Has anything like that ever happened to YOU, Dave?

"Well ... I did slip while I was maching forward on the rain-slicked yardlines in Allentown in 1980. I never actually fell .. but it was close. Everything went into slow motion. I was Drum Major at the time and it was my age out year. There was no way I was going to fall in front of that crowd!"

7:27PM - Our first two corps, the Cascades and Spirit, have both put on phenomenal shows tonight. If this is any indication of the performance quality we will see tonight, this may be one of the best DCI Championship yet!! Dave Gibbs is here in the box - ask him questions about the corps and about the show in our Championship Forum.

7:10pm - DCI Hall of Famer Dave Gibbs has joined me in the Box. Dave - how was the corps today?

"The corps was fantastic! They had their best run-through of the year. They are very very excited about tonight. At the end of the rehearsal it got pretty emotional .... We can not wait for 10:08 ... step off time."

6:55PM - Here we go! The Marine Corps has just wrapped up their performance, and it is time to start the 2002 DCI Finals. First up - the Seattle Cascades!! The Blue Devils would like to congratulate our friends from up North.

6:07PM - Blue Devils Executive Director David Gibbs is being inducted into the Drum Corps Hall of Fame!! What a great honor for the Blue Devils organization. Dave is waving to his son Peyton, who seems excited to see Dad out on the field. Just added to the site - a 360 photo of the Santa Clara Alumni, who did a fantastic job just moments ago. (requires QuickTime)

Division III Champions, Revolution from Texas are on the field. What a great corps - we have not seen the last of this talented group. We have just posted a 360 degree photo from the judging area at Camp Randall stadium. Check the view from the GE Box (requires QuickTime)

4:54PM Things are getting underway here at Camp Randall. We have just heard the national anthems of Canada, the Netherlands and Taiwan. The crowd is trickling in from the Marketplace, and again, the weather is perfect. Dave Gibbs will be along shortly to report on today's rehearsal.

360 Degree Virtual Drum Corps Photos

Get inside the action as the Blue Devils bring you a collection of revolutionary 360 Degree Virtual Drum Corps Photos.(requires QuickTime)

Photos of the Top 17

You want pictures? We've got them! Take a look at over 100 shots from the pressbox at Camp Randal Stadium - including a 48 picture slide show taking you through the Blue Devils show as it happened!!

Semifinals at Camp Randall

10:40PM - Here are the final scores and placements.Thanks for joining us live in the press box! It's been fun.

1. 99.05 The Cavaliers
2. 97.55 The Blue Devils
3. 97.00 The Cadets
4. 95.7 Santa Clara Vanguard
5. 92.80 Phantom
6. 92.45 Boston
7. 92.25 Bluescoats
8. 92.25 Glassmen
9. 90.65 Crossmen
10. 87.10 Magic
11. 86.75 Spirit
12. 85.95 Seattle Cascades
13. 85.50 Blue Knights
14. 84.85 Madison
15. 83.90 Colts
16. 81.80 Carolina Crown
17. 77.35 Capitol Regiment

10:24PM - The Cavaliers finished a very impressive performance. There show just flows from beginning to end. The crwod seemed to enjoy their program tonight. Congratulations! The Blue Devil score is announced ...... and ....... it is .... 97.55

10:10PM - The Blue Devils were a tough act to follow - The Cadets are the unfortunate corps to have to come on after such an exciting show. But they put on a heck of a performance. A good job by the Cadets - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy is a definite highlight. The score for the Vanguard is announced - 95.7.

- The Blue Devils have torn the place to shreds - multiple standing ovations, and the post show buzz is the loudest of the night. They have to be happy with that show - the crowd just LOVED them. The score for the Vanguard is not being announced!

9:40PM - SCV is definitely taking it up a notch - very powerful performance for them tonight.Standing O at the end of their first number. And the ending knocks them dead! The score for the Bluecoats - 92.25 - we have a TIE!!! Phantom Regiment - 92.8. Time for the Blue Devils - the crowd is ready!!!

9:20PM - The place is going nuts for Phantom - big Brass sound - a great show for the Phantom Regiment. We have a score for the Glassmen - 92.25. SCV is coming on the field - the place is coming alive.

9:11PM - Phantom Regiment are coming on the field...Dave has gone to hype the corps up for their performance tonight. All the corps are having great perfromances tonight. Our congratulations to first time finalists and fellow west coasters - the Seattle Cascades!!

9:02PM - What a performance by those amazng Bluecoats. This has to be the best corps for them in a long time. We also love the color BLUE!! Boston Crusders score was announce and it was 92.45.

8:52PM - The sounds of BLUUUEEEEE where heard as the Bluecoats took the field minutes ago. What a sound.

8:48PM - Glassmen just finished a excellent performance. The crowd tonight is very large. Probably around 10,000 enthusiastic fans. The weather is perfect.Around 70 degrees currently. Cool and crisp- perfect Drum Corps weather.

8:45PM - Glassmen are currently on the field and they are doing a GREAT job. We just spoke to The Blue Devils staff in the warm-up zone and they are 20 minutes away from walking to the stadium. It is getting exciting!!

8:33PM - As it stands now the order of placement is

92.80 Phantom
92.45 Boston
92.25 Bluescoats
92.25 Glassmen
90.65 Crossmen
87.10 Magic
86.75 Spirit
85.95 Seattle Cascades
85.50 Blue Knights
84.85 Madison
83.90 Colts
81.80 Carolina Crown
77.35 Capitol Regiment

8:13PM - What a Night!! We are live at the stadium. Boston Crusaders are just starting their program. Spirit and Crossmen received a score of 86.75 and 90.65. The Blue Devils arrived 20 minutes ago ready to rock and roll. We had a great run-through this afternoon with plenty of excitement. We will keep you up to date throughout the night.

Friday PM Photos

Friday evening There are a collection of new photos, including some photos from the I&E competition posted. Check them out!

Friday afternoon. Just added - An inside view of the Blue Devils Drum Line warming up for the day. This 360 degree view will make you feel like part of the line! Note: requires QuickTime software from Apple. Download Quicktime at
Friday 8/9 Schedule
10:00 – 12:30 Brass and Guard Waunakee/ Perc Warner Park
12:30 - 1:30 Lunch
2:00 – 4:30 Full Corps at Warner Park
5:00 – 7:00 Dinner
7:00 – 7:30 Tarvel To Stadium
7:45 – 9:15 Warm-up
9:40 Semi Final Performance
Midnight Lights Out

Friday Morning with The Line

We watched the Drumline warmup at Warner park - the rehearsal home of the Blue Devils for the week. After Scott Johnson set the stage, The Line got down to business. Here are five mp3 files of their show day warmup for you to download - free! The Blue Devil web team is up and running in the Madison press box, and will be posting news, pictures and more throughout the day. The corps is very excited to be performing in Madison this week, and we are all looking forward to their performance tonight! After you listen to these clips, get your own copy of the new BD Percussion DVD The Line - Through The Years


Thursday August 8 - 11:00pm

The corps did a great job tonight. They are really starting to sell the show. The crowd really enjoyed the performance. The best part is that the corps can be much better tomorrow. Everyone continues to be excited about the next couple of days.

WOW! Best Run-Through of the Year

Wednesday August 7 - 11:00pm

Tonight the corps was absolutely on FIRE! It was amazing. The last three days of intense work has paid off. It was so much fun to watch the members out on the field tonight. The corps is getting very clean and they brought passion to the field this evening.

Evening Rehearsal Photo Album

The day started off with I&E. All of our members had excellent performances. Congratulations to David Kraft and the BD Mixed Ensemble for winning their captions.

I&E Photo Album

When we all got back form I&E, the DVD recording took place on the basketball court outside. Then it was off into sectionals for the afternoon

DVD recording Photo Album

Afternoon Rehearsal Photo Album

We went to the stadium today to checkout the surroundings. It will be a little hectic at Camp Randal because of the construction and tight parking. The Blue Devils will perform early on Thursday at 8:09pm. That will be the earliest the corps has performed at Nationals in a very long time. Should be an interesting night.

Individual & Ensemble Results

Mason Morin 15 82
David Craft 1 92
Travis Hyde 10 87
Paul Chestnut 19 81.5
Louis Lugo 8 90.9
French Horns
Joe Falvey 2 90
Axel Foley 7 89
Jeremy Serken 6 90.1
CJ Caudle 12 83.5
Adam McFarlin 11 85.5
Blair Williams 13 83.5
Eric Otero 6 90
Mixed Ensembles
Mixed Ens 1 90
Bass Ensemble
Bass Drum Ens 2 94.75
Brass Ensemble
Brass Ens 7 95
Tenor Percussion
Paul Hanson 11 90.5
Miguel Guaclerruma 5 95.5

A Very Productive Tuesday

Tuesday August 6 - 11:00pm

The corps had a very productive day. All sections got down and dirty with intense cleaning of the show. The day was spent in sections with everyone detailing the show. The weather continued to be great. It has been around 80 degrees in the day and then drops fairly dramatically at night.

The evening block was held at Warner Park. We had a very large audience for the ensemble rehearsal and run-through. The corps is getting very strong. If tonight is and indication, we will have three powerful performances.

Tomorrow we have Indivduals and Ensemble in the morning at Monona Terrace Convention Center. The participants will leave at 8:00am. The rest of the corps will start rehearsal at 9:30am. When the I&E performers get back we will record the corps in digital surround sound that will be available in the fall on our new DVD, “Inside The Blue Devils 2002”. We are the only corps to offer a true surround recording for our fans. It is a virtual experience that puts the listener in the middle of The Blue Devils Musical ensemble. The corps has recorded this format the past two years. The session will take place at the Waunakee Middle School under the direction of Frank Dorritie.

After the recording, we will have an afternoon block in Waunakee. In the evening we will go to Lodi High School in the town of Lodi for our final night block of the year. Below is our schedule for Wednesday. Look for updates to be more frequent as we head into the weekend. We are planning on having a team of BD Webmasters at the stadium to give timely reports on The Blue Devils from the show and throughout the days. Check back often through the rest of the week to get the latest news.

Great First Day

Monday August 5 - 11:00pm

The corps had an excellent first day of rehearsal. The weather was the nice surprise of the evening. Jackets and sweaters had to be taken out of the bottom of the suitcases for the evening rehearsal. The day was capped off with a full corps ensemble rehearsal at Warner Park. The corps is really starting to get lot of momentum. The show is coming alive and the run-through was very exciting. The members have a great attitude and are extremely enthusiastic about this week.

The Blue Devils Arrive in Madison!

Monday August 5 – 1:00 pm

The corps arrived in Madison at 11:15 AM. They got off the busses to the relief of 80-degree temperatures. WHEW! Everyone is in great spirits and is very excited about nationals’ week.

The Corps met at 12:30pm to get information on the week and then headed out to rehearsal for the day. The afternoon will be spent in sectionals at Waunakee School and after dinner the corps will head to Warner Park in Madison. The evening rehearsal will be from 6:00pm to 11:00pm and Warner Park. Tuesday will be a full three-block day. We expect the weather to stay relatively cool throughout the week.

The mail arrived today. The members were extremely excited to get their care packages and letters. Thanks to all the family and friends. Please check back for updates through the week. It should be exciting!

Individual & Ensemble Times

Wednesday August 7, 2002
Monona Terrace Convention Center
Venue: hall of Ideas "F"
Jason Noyes
Mason Morin
David Craft
Venue: Hall of Ideas "J"
Travis Hyde
Joe Falvey
Paul Chestnut
Louis Lugo
Mellophone & Tubas
Venue: Meeting Rooms "P" "Q"
Axel Foley
Adam McFarlin
Jeremy Serken
CJ Caudle
Venue: Lecture Hall
Blair Williams
Eric Otero
Aaron Garrison
Mixed & Percussion Ensembles
Venue: Exhibition Hall "B"
Mixed Ens
Bass Drum Ens
Brass Ensemble
Venue: Hall of Ideas "E" "H"
Brass Ens
Tenor Percussion
Venuw: Community Terrace
Paul Hanson
Miguel Guaclerruma
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