New Bleachers at Mars


This spring there was a "whole lot of banging goin' on" at Mars, with the teardown of the original (now rotten) bleachers at Mars, lovingly built by Fred Hollenbeck so many years ago ... followed by the construction of new (and very safe!) aluminum bleachers in their place.

As you can tell by the video and the pictures below, this was no small effort! Following months of behind the scenes planning to select the new materials, organize the construction and deconstruction teams, arrange for delivery of the materials, came the hard work to actually do the tear down and installation! However, in true Blue Devils style, the job went smoothly and efficiently, while the teams had lots of fun!

The demolition team was a joint effort between the Blue Devils, the Renegades, along with much appreciated assistance from Tom Judt (Judt Construction) and Tim Allen (East County Glass). Special thanks to Carole Henderson for a very generous donation to make sure we are all sitting well to view our favorite drum corps!

Also, check out the Demolition Pictures and the Construction Pictures.

Demolition of the Bleachers

Thank You to the Mars Bleacher Gang

The Blue Devils Board of Directors, the staff, and the members of The Blue Devils who spend countless hours at Mars give a special Thank You to everyone that contributed time, money, energy and moral support toward the Mars Bleacher Project. Many folks contributed to completion, but a few went above and beyond.

Special thanks to:

Carole Henderson, whose generous donation allowed us to procure the highest quality bleacher unit available.

Doug Peterson, who moved this project along from beginning to end. Doug was the single key element to all stages of completion. Without Doug's perseverance, we would probably still be working to get it done.

Tim Allen, whose experience and expertise were vital to the completion of demolition and preparation for installation.

Tom Judt, a general contractor, who volunteered with us on the over view of the project and made many trips to Mars to discuss options.

Donna Batchelor, who coordinated all of the prep discussion and aided in the realization of the vision.

Terry Maurer, who along with the folks at the Del Monte Foods Research Center, assisted in getting the unit delivered to the Bay Area.

And to the folks that got dirty, sweaty and blistered

Demolition Team

Donna Batchelor - BD Board of Directors
Doug Peterson -BD Board of Directors, BD Alum, BD Parent
Debra Peterson - BD Alum, BD Parent
Tom Judt - Volunteer, Judt Construction
Tim Allen - Volunteer, East County Glass
Pete Emmons - BD A Corps Manager
Kevin Case - BD Parent
Traveler Garvey - Renegades, BD Alum
Greg Gilman - Renegades, BD Alum
Scott Grove - Renegades
Kevin Cook - Renegades
Trung Nguyen - Renegades
Lolita Tabujara - Renegades
Tiffany Carrico - Renegades
Lewie Wilhelm - Renegades

Preparation Work Team

Doug Peterson - BD Board of Directors, BD Alum, BDB Parent
Tim Allen - Volunteer, East County Glass
Kyle Peterson - BDB Performer
Pete Emmons - BD A Corps Manager

Construction Team

Doug Peterson - BD Board of Directors, BD Alum, BDB Parent
Mark "Mac" McEntire - BD Alum
Mark Edwards - BDB Parent Pete Emmons - BD A Corps Manager
John Donovan - Former BD President, BDA Parent
Al Nichols - BDA / BDB / BDC Parent
Terry Maurer - BD Transportation Manager
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