Madison wins '75 DCI title ... a season of only one loss


...To some, professionalism and entertainment appear conflicting." ... "...There were several shows this year that evidence this attepmt to satisfy both goals - notably the Santa Clara Vanguard, Concord Blue Devils, 27th Lancers, and Madison Scouts." ... "Both the Concord Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard had what I felt were total productions: both had very strong musical shows, both had strong M&M shows, and in both cases both their music and M&M were integrated throughout." ...

"On the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay are a line of foothills that separate the older metropolitan towns of Berkely, Oakland, and Hayward on the west, which have long since overgrown themselves and each other, from the lovely young surburban valley to their east with such towns as Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and Concord. That's where they come from. The Blue Devils. Since I saw them at Boise in July, I'm afraid I looked forward to seeing them ore than any other corps. With arrangements of Buddy Rich, Tower of Power, and Chuck Mangione charts, the Blue Devils broke the momentum of large corps drawing from classica/semi-classical music with a beautiful contemporary show that nailed their style right at the forefront of the drum corps movement. This was another show that had a national champpionship written into it.

Thir music and M&M production were complementary, and while their drill was excellent and made very good use of the field, it was their horn show that I really looked forward to. Their lead sopranos had a very open, brilliant tone and displayed it in the show's Buddy Rich opening, as did their entire horn line evidence excellent training by their superior intonation and musicianship - especially those smooth jazz/swing figures. And to anyone who knows Chuck Mangione's music, the arrangements of "Legend of the One-eyed Sailor", "The Feel of a Vision", and "Chase the Clouds Away" are simply excellent. Likewise it's more common for a corps to have one or more fine soprano soloists, there has only been Miss Ot on mellophone over the last four or so years. Her musicianship is very impressive, and oh! is that a beautiful lip trill that highlights the ending of "legend". From begining to end a smooth, "laid-back", championship show. What a fine year for the Blue Devils; this was a show to remember. And what a beautiful, contemporary style of expression for their staff."

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