Western Hype


"... I spotted all that beautiful blue satin and I knew the excitement had started. Now, some friends in the Blue Devils told me afterwards to write a strong powerful evaluation of their performance, but I decided to just tell the truth: My God - what a corps! From their delightful opening tinkles to their powerful quarter-note triplet closing (nobody played exit today), I witnessed an audience that was cheering themselves hoarse. The Blue Devils didn't need an ending fanfare for a standing ovation (no - make that two standing ovations). Concert is just as good as last year (in fact apparently identical with only two minor changes: the addition of a fine bell part and the loss of a wood-block). It's too early in the season to expect perfection, so I won't even mention the imbalance between lower and upper instruments (ie: vol. 3), ignore your complaining neighbors and turn the volume sky high - with the treble down. This is the effect Blue Devils gave today: massive, with an almost too-good bottom section. The corps itself is huge and the field coverage is magnificent.

Rick Odello has always been a master with his drum line's toys - and there are some facinating moments he creates. However, I some-times wonder whether his excessive use of accessories is a supplement or a substitute for standard percussion parts. His drum line is dynamic (and unique in that they seem particularly adept at marching), but how will those tambourine parts fare at DCI? I've only got one thing to say to the horn line: Right on!"

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