Our Love


Our Love
by Cheryl Swaim

In The Heat
Of Daytime Tortures
Of Daydreams' Nightmares
Hope Winds A Path Through
The Bog
And The Freeway Grey
Scenery Speeds By
And In The Distance
An Imminent Victory
Of Glory Shimmers

A Mirage
We May March Onto
The Field And Prove Ourselves
To Those Others Deemed
Superior, Even By Us.
And Prove Our Ability Also
To Ourselves
And If, By Fates Decree,
We Should Loose
Let Use Not Loose Our
Pride, Our
Hope, Our

Conquistadores Show
San Francisco, Calif. - June 22nd
Class A
Blue Devils ... 72.95
Vanguard ... 71.85
Capital Freelancers ... 59.95
Class B
Conquistadores ... 47.20
Knight Raiders ... 45.70
Blue Devils "B" ... 35.40

Sacramento, Calif.
July 20th
Class A
Blue Devils ... 84.15
Capital Freelancers ... 68.65
Argonauts ... 68.55
Imperial Dragons ... 50.35
Commodores ... 36.65
Class B
Knight Raiders ... 57.00
Conquistadores ... 50.40
Mandarins ... 40.75
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