BD Donation Helps The Field Band Foundation Reach More Youth


The Field Band Foundation (FBF) of South Africa holds its Band Championships on October 6, and the Blue Devils are adding to the festivities with a donation of 48 brass instruments.

"As part of our One Music One World initiative, we are proud to expand our support of the Field Band Foundation" states Blue Devils Executive Director David Gibbs. "Their work has a powerful effect on the lives of young people in South Africa and we are definitely honored to grow our partnership."

Blue Devil staff member TJ Doucette and System Blue manager Patrick Seidling will be in Johannesburg for the Championships event to help adjudicate the competition and to deliver 48 brass instruments to the Foundation for use in expanding their programs.

"This is magic!" exclaims FBF's CEO Retha Cilliers. "We can start a new band with this donation!"

The horns come from an inventory of instruments owned by the Blue Devils organization and previously used by the Blue Devil B and C corps. Rick Odello, manager of the B and C corps, along with several B corps members and parents, helped prep the instruments for donation. "The cause is certainly a worthy one" says Odello.

The FBF creates bands in townships throughout South Africa, essentially "seeding" a new band each time they secure the needed amount of funding and instruments. Each set of instruments is shared by two bands, in an effort to reach as many youth as possible. Currently up to 40 bands in 20 townships, the FBF reaches over 5,000 youth, teaching life skills, leadership and wellness through the spirit of music and dance.

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