Drum Corps International Rule Changes


New Orleans, February 4, 2001: Drum Corps International Board of Directors voted on 5 rule changes at their annual meeting. The five proposals were:
  • Corps Competition and setup times - PASSED
    This rule was to clarify and make consistent the setup times for every corps.

  • Retrieving of Equipment - PASSED
    This rule was allow for equipment to be placed down over the front staging area line.

  • Increase of Maximum Membership Size to 135 - PASSED

  • 6 Judge Adjudication System - FAILED

  • Amplification - FAILED
    To allow amplification of percussion instruments in the Front Pit

There was a proposal to have the visual judge evaluate the corps off the field. That proposal was sent to the task force for experimenting. The use of Electronics was taken off the table because of the defeat of the Amplification proposal.

The Blue Devils is a non-profit youth organization dedicated to the pursuit of competitive excellence through the discipline of the arts. Founded in 1957, the organization provides a structured and positive learning environment for young people of all ages. The Blue Devils believe that as a result of individual contributions to a group effort, children discover that dedication and hard work relate directly to success.

Drum Corps International (DCI) is a non-profit youth organization servicing the world's junior drum and bugle corps and related activities. Through the guidance and leadership of DCI, drum corps remains one of the best educational youth activities in the world. It's influence on similar activities, including marching bands, has been remarkable. DCI increasingly influences the growth of drum corps worldwide, particularly in the Far East, Indonesia, Western Europe and parts of Africa.
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