Spotlight on Blue Devils Percussion


The Blue Devils percussion section has consistently led the marching world in innovation, excellence, and education. Headed by Arranger and Caption Head Scott Johnson, the percussion section has pushed the envelope in show design and music performance. Each year, percussionists worldwide take a leap of faith and audition to become a member of the Blue Devils percussion program.

The exciting new partnership with the ultra lightweight, and innovative System Blue percussion instruments has added another level of intrigue and opportunities, as percussionists want to perform at the highest levels with the newest groundbreaking equipment on the market.

The Blue Devils staff creates a remarkable auditioning experience for everyone. While you might be competing for a spot in the line, you will also have the time of your life. Blue Devils auditions are not solely meant to fill spots for the coming season. The entire experience is created for you – for your education, for camaraderie, and for an opportunity for you to excel as a musician, an athlete, a performer, and a super-human.

Take your leap of faith today and reserve your audition spot. You won't know if you don't go.

Interested in auditioning for Blue Devils B or Blue Devils C Percussion? Learn more and register today!

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