The most decorated corps in the history of DCI, the Blue Devils have finished in the top five for over 40 years and have won the DCI World Championship title more than any other performing group. Ages 17–21. Read more...

Musically diverse, globally nomadic references weave together a world of emotion and drama. From Khachaturian to Lorne Balfe to original work by Dave Glyde, Ghostlight is an exploration of mood, melody, and virtuosity.
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Moonlight Classic
Sacramento, CA
Sunday, June 23, 2019
1 Santa Clara Vanguard74.300
2 Blue Devils73.900
3 The Cavaliers72.100
4 Mandarins69.700
5 The Academy65.750
6 Troopers62.700
1 Blue Devils B59.800
2 Vanguard Cadets56.650
3 Blue Devils C44.300
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clear sky
Santa Barbara, CA
Current Activity:
Depart for laundry and free evening


clear sky
Santa Barbara, CA

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