Jul 14, 2006 3:27pm
Brandyn Bettencourt
Drum Major

Hello all ~ I hope that you are well. I forgot to mention in my past blogs, that there will be periods where we can not post anything new due to lack of a internet signal. But, that is all in the past. Today is a three block day where we are detailing out sections of the show and adding some changes. We have been having to constantly watch the sky for rain (we had to move indoors for the second half of music block because of it). But now the deluge has subsided, and we are ready to take the field again. Well I need to go. Till next time ~ Brandyn
Jul 2, 2006 1:18pm
Cory Oliver
Color Guard

Hi again... I know it has been a few days since I wrote last. Sorry! We had a free day a couple of days ago. It was nice to have some time away. I got to sit down and have a meal at a nice restaurant. Now, I am on the train ride, just relaxing. Oh ya! As I am sure everyone heard about the cow birthing... Ha ha crazy! I saw 3 cows havew babies that day. Ok... Back to the train. It's nice to be on our way east. I am excited to finally see the east coast corps. I want to compete head to head. I will try to write again before too long.... See ya!
Jun 29, 2006 12:43am
Eric Martin

So finally I got the whole login figured out again, and this sidekick thing is totally wicked all portable internet and what not.
A recap of the past couple weeks, finishing school and the show was a great start to the summer, the show is cool and it is really hard physically, but each run through is making it easier and easier. After hayward show I got to spend one more nite in my bed at home and get bugged by my dad, it was cool and I miss him, and my sister and my mom and the rest of my family of course :-)
Going down to bakersfield was pretty cool, the weather wasn't too hot and the site was really nice, staying in portable classrooms with the a\c cranked is great. My favorite part of bakersfield was at the show...I was walking back after our show and this kid summed up the courage to talk to me, and he said, "mr. Blue devil, I think you're the best." It was very cute, and I think he might be playin snare for bd someday (I tired to get him to play tuba, but the horn went to his forehead, and he was wearing a bd snare shirt). I want to thank that kid and his dad, that event is going to be one of the best memories I have in drum corps.
Then it was off to arizona, all I have to say is that it's really hot and the academy kids are awesome to hang and play with. San diego was awesome I got to see my friend amber, who I have't seen in like six months, it was great catchin up with her. We also got jay, a new tuba player who filled the hole, he's a fun guy and is really smart, he should be marching the show really soon. Then Ontario. That placed reminded me of my old house where you used to smell the tomato canning plant in the fall, in other words not pleasant smells. The site was pretty cool and the weather wasn't too bad but yesterday it got really hot which made practice rather harsh. Well it's a free day today and laundry day, finally some clean clothes! Oh man I have so much more but from now on I'll keep you all better posted...nite nite
Jun 28, 2006 3:20pm
Rob Stein

Hello adoring fans! So we are leaving ontario, CA after five days. For those who have marched before, we all know some housing sites have certain characteristics which might not be optimum. Our visual field was next to a dairy farm, so we got so march next to a bunch of cows every day, (including watching one give birth two days ago). However, the housing coordinator for this place used to march in BD, and he did some really awesome stuff for us, including giving the entire corps ice cold gatorade on a really hot and humid day. The band boosters gave the corps doughnuts and ice cream, and there were a bunch of alumni that dropped by with stuff for their old sections (thanks jason!).
Our shows have been going really well. We are making a lot of improvement and working really hard these past few days to get ready for the trip to the mid west and the regional next weekend. We have an awesome two day train ride coming up into Iowa, which will be a lot of fun, and a welcome break from some serious rehearsal days.
We are on the way to the simi valley show, and I'm gonna try to get some rest on the way there! As always, thanks for reading.
Jun 27, 2006 12:44am
Carl Zepecki

So I'm kinda annoyed that this is my 2nd attempt at writing this blog on a sidekick. I aplogize if thw 1st one worked and you're reading this twice. Right now we're at a school next to a farm, and I must say. . .the smell is very strong. However the cows make rehearsing fun. . .the come running over every time the drumline starts playing. We even witnessed one give birth today! I wish I could say I was joking.
, but we really did watch a calf be born. It was pretty crazy. Our show is coming together very nicely, and it seems that everyone is really enjoying it. We have only a few more shows till we hit the midwest, and personally I can't wait for my family and friends to see it. We started making some changes today, and also welcomed the last two members that will be filling our holes. We have only two more days at this school before we get to mooove out, so I think I'll be alright. I also want to thank these fine folks at Colony High for providing the delicious snacks and for letting us use the pool on our dinner break. Thank you, thank you!
Jun 26, 2006 1:47am
Erik Skinner

I write to you from my Aunt's computer. Pete has been kind enough to grant me permission to come here for the night with my Mother who is visiting since we don't have a show in Denver (my home) this year. It's great to see both her, and all my relatives who live here (They mostly all came to the show on Saturday).

As for the shows? Awesome. Friday night was pretty high quality, but somehow we kicked it up a notch both in rehearsal and at the show on Saturday. We got a little fire started under our pants however, and managed to kick things up a notch again today, which made for an incredible show tonight. I am really excited for just about everyhting at this point, and just want to fly through the gears...

But anyway, being on the road is a definite relief. I was about to go nuts at Mars, eating the same thing every day, and packing into Kevin's car to go back and forth from the apartment. I also get to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while, having been isolated in Concord for so long. This includes a bunch of guys I marched with in 04 and last year, as well as my friends at Blue Knights. More importantly though is seeing my family here in SoCal :-).

I ought to wrap this up so I can get plenty of sleep for a great day of rehearsal tomorrow. SoCal fans, you rock, by the way! I can't wait for the show on Wendnesday, and then heading back up to Concord for the home show! And then... watch out Midwest...

Jun 22, 2006 2:02am
Steve Gutierrez

Hey guys,

I finally got the chance to enter something in this blog thingy. Fist off I just want give a little intro and some back round, if that's cool. Well, my full and complete name is esteban israel gutierrez, call me steve. I am 19 and from SOUTH texas. If your thinking san antonio area, your wrong. Think more around the mexico area and you will find me, well ten minuets from the mexico border ha ha. I finished my fresh man year at texas A @ M kingsville. I got introduced to drum corps in 2002 thru a friend who marched cavies. My first show was in san antonio and I freeked out. It was just crazy. I knew I had to march at least one seasson. I never would have thought BD!! Though. My brother marched and told me I had the talent and abillity to march blue devils. So I auditioned and made it. And now I am sitting on a bus on this nifty side kick thig and just finished my fourth show... I think, haha I am half asleep right now....well I guess that's it for tonight. I am going to see if I can get some rest. If you want to send me a message or want to get to know me, my myspace is myspace.comstevegutz

take it easy

Oh yeah I play soprano

Jun 22, 2006 1:13am
Rob Stein

Hey all! Its been a while since I've been able to blog. Internet access is nearly impossible on the road, but we have a side kick to pass around.
So, what's been shakin the past week. We're finally on the road competing, and its a lot of fun. We had some shows in CA, and now we are on the way back from a show in AZ. The crowd was awesome and the band boosters made us all goody bags. Good stuff!
During our visual warm up yesterday we had all of our jackets and shakos lined up against a wall on the grass and the sprinkler system went off. we all scrambled to save our jackets and plumes, so luckily they didn't get too wet.
Our show is going really well. The group is really starting to bond and we rehearse well together. Its exciting to constantly feel so much energy from the corps.
I miss home a lot, my family, my girl friend, all that good stuff. Since I'm from the east coast, I won't get to see any of them until allentown. But, thanks to the wonders of technology, I can use my cell phone to keep in contact almost every day. I remember back in MY day (all of 5 years ago) when we didn't have cell phones and I had to use this archaic thing called a pay phone. How barbaric!
Anyway, its a long ride to san diego, so I'm gonna get some sleep. Thanks for reading, I will try to update as often as this crazy drum corps schedule will let me.
Jun 21, 2006 12:47pm
Carl Zepecki

Greeting people!

We just arrived in Arizona this morning after about a 10 hour bus ride. The bus trip wasn't too bad though because the air conditioning was blasting the whole way. Our first show weekend went pretty well. After getting the gitters out from our first show, we put up a much stonger showing our second time out. Our performance last night went really well. We had just had laundry the previous day and were very well rested. I do have to admit, yesturday was the first time I had to load a bus in my five years of drum corps. I will be honest and say that it was not that fun, and that know I know why yesturday was the first time I ever had to load. Our warm up last night was a little different as well. We had put our shako's down and began our visual warm-up. Suddenly the sprinkler system turned on and disrupted everything. We had to dash to save the uniforms from getting soaked. Then the show got backed up which always makes things intersting. But after all of the weird things that went on during our warm-up, the corps really came through and popped a good show. Now in Arizona, we'll be doing a clinc and then a show tonight before we head back to San Diego tonight. That's all for now. But I want to thank the Red Mountain Band for letting me use their computer in the band room! Thanks guys and good luck this year!
Jun 21, 2006 12:20pm
Brandyn Bettencourt
Drum Major

Hello all ~ Hope you are doing well this fine summer day. Well, we just pulled into our housing site and the corps is now spending some quality time sleeping. These past few days have been a rush. From Pacific Procession to last night's show in Bakersfeild, we have been going non stop. We took some time in Bakersfeild to tighten up the show and clean some things. We also took some time to wash dirty laundry and take a breather while in Bakersfeild. Now we are in hot/beautiful Arizona where we are putting on a small clinic and then performing in the Southwest Corps Connection before we leave for San Deigo later this evening. Well, I need to go. I need to grab some shut-eye and a shower.
~ talk to you soon ~ Brandyn
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