Virtual Audition Academy FAQs

What comes with the registration fee?
  • World Class instruction from The Blue Devils and RCC Indoor Percussion faculty
  • 90 minute interactive weekly classes via Zoom
  • Live event recording will be accessible
  • PDF Content including but not limited to excerpts, warm-ups, and music
  • BD or RCC Audition Packet
  • Weekly assignments that will receive feedback from the faculty via Flipgrid
  • 10% discount on Private Lessons
  • 10% discount on Blue Devils and RCC Indoor merchandise
  • $25 off of Blue Devils or RCC Indoor audition fees
I can't complete my check out on Eventbrite
Troubleshooting Information:
  • If the "Place Order" button is not available/clickable, it's because
    • A required field is not complete or
    • The credit card/PayPal info is not completely filled out
  • I didn't get a confirmation email from Eventbrite
    • If another person filled out the registration form, please ask them to forward you the confirmation email they received
Can I join the academy after it has started?
Yes, you may join anytime. You will have access to any missed Live event(s) to review and catch up before the next Live event.
Do I have to attend the Live event?
No you do not need to attend the Live event. You will have access to each week's recording, after the live event has been completed.
How long will I have access to the recordings?
You will have access to recordings until Dec 31st, 2021.
Which recordings will I be able to access?
You will have access to all recordings based on your section registration.
Does the price change if I register late or at any time after the academy begins?
The price will remain the same regardless of your registration date. You will have access to all material and recordings through the end of the year.
Will I be seen or heard?
You do not have to show your video and you will be muted when you enter the meeting. During Q&A, we may unmute you so you can ask your question. Otherwise, you do not have to be on video or audio.
Are there any age restrictions?
There are no age restrictions -- this academy is good for performers, instructors, and directors alike. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow from world class instructors.
For live sessions, do I need my instrument or guard equipment?
  • Brass - Instrument is recommended but not required
  • Battery - Practice pad and sticks
  • Front Ensemble - Practice pad and sticks/mallets
  • Color Guard - Equipment (flag, rifle, sabre) is recommended but not required
To submit assignments, do I need my instrument or guard equipment?
What should I wear?
While this is an online academy, we will be demonstrating and showing concepts that, if you are going to be trying at home, would be best and easiest if done in attire suited for movement, including proper footwear.
Is this an audition for The Blue Devils or RCC Indoor Percussion?
No, this is not an audition for any program, however attending this course will give you an advantage by utilizing the audition material and learning from the instructors. This course will help you for your next audition anywhere!
Other items for health and safety?
You should always stay adequately hydrated, even when sitting in front of your computer. Therefore, have your water jug or water bottle handy. We will have breaks where you’ll be able to get refills. If you’re going to be outside, please remember to use your sunscreen, even on a cloudy day.
What technology do I need to have access to in order to participate?
  • A device with a camera and internet connection
  • Zoom account or you can view a meeting without a login
  • Flipgrid account
  • You will receive more information regarding all of this and more before the academy starts
What is Flipgrid?
In Flipgrid, educators post discussion prompts and participants respond with short videos. Flipgrid is used to the (optional) weekly assignments, where you will post your video submission. The instructional staff will review and make comments back to you through Flipgrid. You will receive more information regarding Flipgrid before the academy starts.
What do I need to watch via Zoom?
The best environment to use would be a laptop with headphones (wireless headphones will make it easier to move without being tethered). A wired connection to your router would give the best quality, but that’s not always possible. For those who will be outside, make sure your wifi signal is strong or connect to cellular data. A mobile device will work, as well. Here's more information on getting started with Zoom.
Should I test my connection in advance?
You should test your Zoom connection in advance. You can join a test meeting at
What if I have technical difficulties?
We will do everything we can to help you navigate any issues that are within our purview, however, you must ensure they have proper bandwidth and connectivity to attend the virtual event. BDPA is not responsible for any technical difficulties a participant may have while trying to connect to the event, and no refunds will be made. If the technical difficulties originate from BDPA that affects the entire event, we will reschedule the event and/or issue refunds.
Who do I contact if I have any issues with registration, Flipgrid, Zoom, or other questions not provided here?
We will provide you with more contact details before the start of the academy, but you can always reach out to us at
Are you offering a discount for groups?
Please reach out to us at to discuss.
I want to register for multiple sections, what do I do?
Please reach out to us at to discuss.
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