Aug 6, 2008 9:07am
David Gibbs
Executive Director

We are in Indianapolis. When we arrived yesterday morning and there was a pretty amazing set of thunderstorms that passed by during the AM. After a quick down time we got up and had a meeting explaining the schedule and what is to be accomplished during this championship week.

The corps got down to work with a great day of practice capped off by one of the best ensemble rehearsals and run through of the season. We made changes in the show including the ending in Ohio a few days ago and they are really starting to take hold and bring the entire production to the next championship level.

The corps had a GREAT beginning of championship week run-through. It is a long week that you need to pace yourself and build to that extreme performance level by Thursday night into Saturday night. Last night was a very good indication what this corps is capable of come Thursday night. They are truly a professional level of performers and are committed to the energy of the show. Their ability to be so consistent from the first show to today, continue to work for perfection and the ultimate intense performance is a testament to their amazing talent and the dream team of a staff.

We strive for perfection through the entire season and the payoff being the final week of amazing performances. We do not treat any show as a warmup. So at times when the level of performance and show design is so high throughout the season, we all have a tendency to take it for granted the quality of performances and standard setting design. The champion should not be the most improved, but be the best drum corps in the world. Each night should stand on their own without any external interferences. I am so proud of these kids and staff. They are amazing and are taking the activity to a whole new level.


WOWOWOOW congratulation to the BDB last night in Michigan City. What a great group. Good luck to them in their final shows.

Today is I&E with a drum performance for DCI to kick off the week publicly. Then back to work today with a full day of rehearsal. We are getting very excited to get back out there Thursday night and explode onto the field.
Aug 5, 2008 12:26am
Scott Ondek

Well we just had our last show of the season in Ohio and we scored a 96.15. Now it is off to Indianapolis to begin preparing for finals. A few nights ago we lost the Allentown Regional and lost our undefeated title. We were all pretty disappointed but only for a short time. This was followed by a new fire in everyone. The days since that show have been great and the corps has been pushing the whole time. Everyone is going to try and get some sleep tonight and come out with a purpose tomorrow all the way through Saturday night.

This is most likely my last blog so I hope everyone enjoyed it and I hope likes the show and make sure you pay attention to the bass drums at quarter finals. Some one put stuff all over our heads, haha!
Aug 3, 2008 9:31am
David Gibbs
Executive Director

The corps is making huge progress! They are in Ohio for 3 days of rehearsal before the Canton Show. The plan for this weekend for a while has been to make final changes to the show. So that is what happening yesterday and today. We have been making changes and enhancements to the last production and continue detailing of this great show.

The corps are GREAT performers and are extremely excited about realizing their untapped and extreme potential. Our amazing staff that have done these final weeks for many years have a solid plan and are pacing the corps to be on fire the final week. The corps after a full and long season of thrilling performances WILL continue the progression of this years production by bringing the 2008 show "Constantly Risking Absurdity" to is final and obvious conclusion.

The outpouring of love and support that the past few days is a testimonial to the amazing connection we all share in this entire drum corps family. We could not have made it to this point with out all of you , our supporters. We will continue to need your long distance and up close enthusiastic support this final week as we head into the first year .... of a long term Midwest Indiana Championships era.

Thank you and lets do it up!

Jul 25, 2008 12:26am
Scott Ondek

Tomorrow is the start of a big weekend. With shows Friday through Monday including the Atlanta Regional we have to be on top of our game. We put some more changes into the show and it is making the show better and better.

Right now we're in Tennessee at Lebanon High School... Home of the Blue Devils! Pretty cool huh? It's funny to be so far from home and have a school that says "Go Blue Devils" and "Blue Devil Pride" all over the place. Tonight at rehearsal there a pretty large crowd of people who were fans of the high school Blue Devils and have now become fans of the Concord Blue Devils.

So far since Mississippi we've had great weather. Usually, it is very hot and humid around here but we've been lucky enough to have nice cool breezes and the occasional cloud cover to make our rehearsals much more productive.

That will do for now. Make sure to keep up on the scores and I'll be getting back to you all after this BIG weekend.
Jul 21, 2008 3:26pm
Cory Robinson
Color Guard

So as of right now I'm sitting on the bus wondering why I have not blogged until now, I guess I have been busy with tour and such, however I have been longing to share my thoughts with the cyber world. Well if you people do not know I was given the honor and selected as Color Guard Captain and boy was I shocked. Currently The Guard is doing extremely well this summer and as we go into our last few weeks of tour I cannot be more proud of them. I have to say this guard is truly something special just like every other blue devils color guard (we all have something special about us). OMG so the show is amazing I cannot have picked a better show to perform and age-out in, so if you have not seen it you must see it. Meanwhile Mr. Chandler has given the guard a chance as well as a challenge to execute and perform such a intricate show guard wise this summer. He has spiced up our equipment book with multiple weapon exchange series and place heavy demands on each and everyone of us to be the best that we can be and the guard has risen to the challenge.
Currently we our on our way to the mall in Dallas Texas.....I'm extremely excited because of the fact that I get to shop and boy do I want a new COACH Wallet......we will see if I find one I'll keep you all posted. Well closing announcements HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....BaBy JOHN (Drum Major) your 18 years old NOW. Let me see is that all? Yes thats all for now I be back soon I promise


Cory Robinson (BDCG Captain 08)
Jul 20, 2008 3:45am
Dillon Miller

Great city.

Great venue.

Great crowd.

Great show.

Great feelings.

Nuff said.

On top of the world... :D

Lots of hard work still to do, but it does feel amazing to be rewarded for your hard work already done! In so many activities in life, like work, school, etc., you can work really hard all the time, and not see or feel any special results or emotions from it--life just continues. But in this world, in this activity, you get such great feelings and such a great sense of accomplishment as the fruits of your labors become more and more apparant--plus you get to share those emotions with 147 other members...which is what I will sincerely miss when I age out...
Jul 20, 2008 2:28am
Scott Ondek

So tonight was the San Antonio Regional. We had a great show and walked away with a 92.375! That is a new personal best for myself. Another new thing for me tonight was performing in a dome. The listening situation changes so much when your enclosed like that and the higher the demand of any show the more room for failure. Having the whole corps concentrating was what made this night a successful one. We're not done yet. We still have a long way to go and the drum line wants to start winning drums again so we all need to continue to push.

The basses are still having a lot of fun on and off the field. We have free day coming up and pretty much the whole corps can't wait to go see "The Dark Night" which is the new Batman movie for those of you that didn't know. I'm a big Superman fan myself but I really like superhero movies in general.

Oh yeah... I saw my grandma tonight for the first time in seven years. For those of you that didn't read my las blog she lives in Florida and I live in California so it gets hard. She really liked the show even though it was a little loud for her being in a dome and all I'm still glad she got to see it. Hopefully I will see her again sooner than before. Anyways thats it for now. Hope eveyone that saw the show live or online liked it!

Good night.
Jul 17, 2008 6:39pm
Brandon Bridges

Hey Y'all! We're in Texas now!
Man, it's been so much fun on the road. I've never been to half the states we've been to in the past couple weeks. Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and now Texas. And boy is it hot! But oh well, the heat makes us better right? Atleast that's what the staff tells us. Heat and no water makes us better..... Just kidding! The staff is awesome about taking care of us while making us work at 110%.
I'd like to take this time to thank my Mom and my girlfriend, Belen, for sending me letters at the mail stops. It really makes me, and others who get things, happy when we get things from home. *hint* send your loved ones things, they'll love it!
Well, tonight's the Dallas show. We see the Vanguard and Phantom Regiment tonight. And Saturday we see the Cadets and Crown. It's gonna be one weekend, that's for sure.
Thank for readin! Keep on cheerin' us on!

~Brandon B.
Jul 17, 2008 6:29pm
Michael McGee

Over the last few days this corps has overcome many obstacles. There have been people sick (one of them being me), heat like no other, sore bodies, and much much more. But through it all we have pushed ourselves and look beyond the bad side and focused on the good side. We have all pulled together and have really made our show come to life. Today we are in Little Elm, Texas. I would have to say we have experienced some of the worst heat so far this tour. But believe me, it didn't stop us. Our run through was one of our best performances of the show to date. We did our 12 minute show in horrible heat and a turf field that you could literally see the heat rise off of, but we won the fight. This summer has been the best summer of my life. The people are awesome and the there is no other staff like ours in the world. On the mornings where you wake up and say I don't think I'm going to make it, you get to the field and the staff just brings you to life. They really know how to motivate. We have all become stronger people and a stronger group. We've all become close friends and we are taking the world on together one day at a time. During the summer all of my friends make fun of me because they get to sleep in and go to the beach whenever they want. They eat fast food everyday and play video games. I just tell them that my vision of a perfect summer is marching in 110 degree weather after a 10 hour bus ride and sleeping on a gym floor and getting to perform a great show with 149 of my best friends in front of thousands and thousands of people. I am a Blue Devil. Thats what I do.

-Mike McGee
Concord Blue Devils
Jul 17, 2008 12:08am
Scott Ondek

Hey everyone!

So since I last came on we have had our Denver, Kansas, and Arkansas shows. All three shows were great and we're finally in Texas. I'm very excited to be in Texas because my dad and step mom are coming to the San Antonio show and they're bringing my grandmother who I haven't seen in seven years! She is my only grandparent that is still living and she has lived in Florida all of my life. She has never had the opportunity to see me play any sports growing up or go to my graduation so I think this should be a great experience for her.

Today was titled "changes!" We had visual as well as musical changes. Some of them are the first big changes we've had since our SoCal tour. Everything we learned today is going in the Dallas show tomorrow night. It is times like this that will test our maturity which I believe is very strong.

Besides that everything is going pretty good. The Bass Line is a lot of fun this year. I'm playing bottom of course, Edgar from RCC is on four, Andrew whom I've marched with since 2003 is on three, Matt from RCC is on two, and finally Lauryn who is also from RCC is on top. This is one of the first California Bass Lines BD has had in awhile and I think you can tell by the sense of humor we all have. This line has it's goofy moments which helps us keep the vibe positive on and off the field.

That's it for now. Look for me after this BIG Texas weekend!
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