Aug 11, 2007 8:25pm
Brandyn Bettencourt
Drum Major

Good evening~
~it is about 6 o'clock finals day. The corps is on our busses and making our way to ther rose bowl. Everyone in the corps is ready, we just had our final run-through a few hours ago. It was on fire, and the corps knew it and they in-turn pushed out even more. The run-through was just breathtaking.
~as for the last two nights, we have been pleased with our performances. But we are ready to go for more than what we put out those past two nights.
~last night was the age-out ceremony. It hit home the fact that tonight is my last night to put on my uniform and perform with this awesome group of professionals. Tonight I hang up my uni for the last time, and pass the torch to the next generation of devils'.
~I am proud of the time that I have spent here; the lessons I have learned, the friends I have made, and the chance to perform on a level that many people never think of approching. It has truly been a pleasure and and honor. I thank you for letting me share some of my thoughts and experiences with you all. Again, it has been my pleasure and an honor to be a part of this organization and be able to share this with you.
~good night, I need to go prepare for finals. I remain sincerely yours~
~Brandyn E. Bettencourt
Aug 9, 2007 7:13pm
Cory Oliver
Color Guard

Wow.... I can't believe it's finally here. The begining of the end. It is officially quarter finals day, and we are on the way to the show. I was thinking last night as I went to sleep how crazy drum corps really is. A few days ago, one of our staff members said "Come this saturday night, after they say your name, you won't care one bit about how hot it is, how humid it is, or much you are sweating. And you all know the later we hear our name, the better."

It's crazy to think about it but it's true. Thinking about years past, the heat, the humidity, the bugs, the sweat and the tears, just aren't the things that stand out. It's that feeling you get after each night you walk off of the field. It's the friends that you make and the memories that you make with them that really matter. And it seems to me that the harder the year is physically and emotionally, the more you are really going to miss it. Each year has gotten harder for me, and each year I take something special with me. I am really going to miss 2007 BD, and Holly, Janelle, Carlo, Cookie, Amanda.... Thank you all for the memories you've given me over the last few years! I will miss you like crazy. Holly... Best wishes to you in everything you do. You will go farther than you could ever imagine. I love you like a sister. Thank you for being such a great friend.

Thank you to anyone who has been reading my blogs. This season has been one for the records. This is for sure my last blog, so until next summer, goodbye. Wish me luck for the weekend!

Peace out,
White Cory.
Aug 9, 2007 1:45am
Brandyn Bettencourt
Drum Major

Hey all~
~wanted to check in with the latest info. The corps is 'on fire' and can't wait to get to quarters. The show is really coming alive these last few days. For those of you coming to either the rose bowl or the broadcast, you are in for a real treat. Every day I keep seeing new elements in our show that I haven't seen before. It is truly a show like no other. Well, got to go. Need to get some shut-eye. I'll talk to you again tomorrow.
Aug 1, 2007 9:00pm
Carlo Antonio Villanueva
Color Guard

So I guess I don't know as much as I do about lining a field. In fact, my last blog was probably half wrong. And forget field triangulation... I was having a field day trying to figure out an explanation for that, pun intended. So... If you're dying to learn about how to really paint a field, ask Brandyn or Brian. The drum majors know best. And I am but a paint crew rookie.

On the bright side, I'm on the bus right now on the way to Palo Alto, in CALIFORNIA. After what's felt like both a long and a short tour, we're finally back in our home state. ...which means the end is drawing near. The very idea gives me the New Year's midnight shivers. You know the chills you get anticipating the end of one year and the beginning of another...

More on that later. I think we're close...

Jul 31, 2007 3:24am
Carlo Antonio Villanueva
Color Guard

Here I am on our second of a series of long bus rides on our way back to California. We get most of our sleep on the bus this week with one rehearsal block per diem. It's during these days that we can be pretty successful making some small changes here and there in the show and have lots of time to sleep on them. We're currently driving through Wyoming on the way to Salt Lake, a city to which I don't think I've ever been.

Anyway, I wanted to write a blog about how to line a football field with college-level hash marks. Here we go.

You'll need a measuring tape that measures at least 300 feet, one or two pieces of string of the same length, white water-soluble field paint, and a healthy can-do attitude.

First, you scout out the grassy field you're going to line. Flat surfaces are ideal. Measure an approximate 300' by 180' area to see if the field will fit. If it does not, you can either find a different spot or figure out which part of a complete football field you can do without.

When you've figured it out, measure, string, and paint a Front Sideline. Now when you string a line, it's best to have one person at each end pulling the string as tightly as possible. This makes for a straight line. I've learned that the best way to hold the string is in your hands and then run underneath your shoe, since your leg muscles are stronger. When the string is taut, have a third person go to about the middle of the string and pluck it, to be sure the string doesn't weave in and out of the grass.

Once the FSL is painted, mark every 15 feet inbetween 0 and 300, numbering every other one by 10s. The ends will be 0 and the two sides should count to 50 in the middle. That completed, you're ready to triangulate.

I'll finish this one tomorrow. It's a process and I'm sleepy. =)

Jul 29, 2007 1:34am
Eric Martin

So first we get stormed on, a tornado warning, and then we leave indiana. Then we for some reason, come back to the state that tried so hard to get rid of us. Oh, indiana, you tried so hard but here we are again. So what do you do to retaliate? You rain on us again. Haha, this year truly has been the adversity tour. But weather aside the past couple days have really productive. The tubas have gotten a ton better and are continuing to make great strides.
Speaking of great strides, tonight was indi, our last regional out of state. I had a very good run through and a historic one too, this is the last dci event in the RCA dome. it's kinda cool to think of it that way that we've closed a chapter in dci history. Abywho, I really can't wait to get back to california, back home. It'll be great performing my last big regional in front of a home crowd and of course I get see my girlfriend whom I haven't seen in almost 2 months. I seriously can't wait to see her again, it's been too long...
Anywho, long haul tonight and an even longer haul back to cali, this week should be exciting. Until next time, later.
Jul 26, 2007 1:41pm
Jeremy Beck

Soooo we're here in Pittsburg, Kansas and its a gorgeous day. We just had a show yesterday and won. The corps moral is pretty good for this time of the season. Usually it would get pretty monotonous and little things get on people's nerves (well the latter part is happening i suppose), but thinking about california coming up in about 9 days lightens up my mood. Sometimes one has to sit back and look at the forest through the trees (big picture). I can't wait for the season to really start winding down, but I'll miss sitting under the shade of my marimba in the middle of July. These are the days of our lives. haha.
Jul 25, 2007 3:05am
Carlo Antonio Villanueva
Color Guard

I just wrote an exquisitely verbose blog in an attempt to pinpoint the exact reason as to why I love drum corps this season. It seemed to talk a whole sentimental lot about nothing in particular, so I deleted it. Just know this:

I am happy here. Where I am. Who I see everyday. My instructors and support staff. The places we've gone and have yet to go. The food I eat. The coffee and gatorade I drink. The clothes I've packed to wear. My bus seat. My friends. My spots on the field. And most of all, my responsibility and credibility as a multi-year member.

I am proud to be a three-year age out at the Blue Devils. And I don't think I would have it any other way.

Jul 24, 2007 11:45pm
Kendall DeJong

We've been in Texas for about a week, I think. You lose track of time when you're on tour. Texas has been alright, unless you count the crickets that are everywhere. No kidding about them being everywhere, either. They cover the walls on buildings and cover the ground. The last place we stayed at in Texas was overrun with them. I awoke this morning to several shrieks of members who discovered crickets had joined them while they had been sleeping. Other than cricket problems the weather's been alright, we've been lucky with the humidity.
We did really well at the San Antonio regional last Saturday. The whole corps came off the field feeling really good. And even better was that we got a free day the next day. It felt really nice to have a little break from drum corps and the riverwalk was really neat.
The day after the free day though was a little tough. Rehearsal seemed harder than usual and then we found out we were about 2000 feet above sea level. It was reassuring to know it wasn't just my age out body shutting down.
We're on our way to Kansas right now. I think it's about a 340 mile drive. Hopefully it's not too hot because we have a small clinic tomorrow.
I'm getting really excited to get back to California. It should be a lot of fun doing the Stanford show with Vanguard and the alumni. It's also going to be great to see my family and be back in my home state.
Time to watch a movie and see if I can find a comfortable position to sleep in on the bus.

P.S My seat partner Patrick is glad to be leaving the Texas crickets behind. One took him surprise this morning and unfortunately is no longer with us.
Jul 24, 2007 10:50pm
Eric Martin

Hey, so finally we're leaving texas. I can't complain about it this year because the weather was very very good to us. The only really hot day was only 91 and that destroyed me because I was extremely dehydrated. That was yesterday. Today wasn't that much better in the morning because I still felt dehydrated and had some trouble relaxing. But the day got better and my run through was pretty good.
The season is really winding down in days, it's very hard to think that we've been on tour for almost 2 months. That also means that the intensity of rehearsals and the extreme attention to detail is increasing. To have a perfect show is the ultimate and I really hope to achieve it this year. We watched the tuba "tick" tape from last year finals week and I really hope that this years' line will step up and attempt to achieve perfection. Well next is kansas, and then lovely ben davis school in indi. California is on the horizon, I can't wait to get back home! We'll until next time, toodles.
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