Jul 22, 2007 1:22am
Richard Cardenas
General Percussion

So I've realized how different this year is compared to last year, for me that is. Recently I had a misunderstanding with a fellow pit member. The only japanese pit member we have. I really have to watch exactly what I say around her. I'm always so worried she will misunderstant what I'm trying to say. I failed. I offended her and didn't realize it. For a while we went without talking. I thought I was angry at her but the truth is I was hurt. She wouldn't tell me what I did. Eventually our tech had us sit down and communicate what was going on. There were a lot of emotions displayed that day. In the end I've learned how much I truly care about my friends here. These are the days I will cherish for the rest of my life no matter how frustrating or how tiring it gets. What am I trying to say? You always here from people that you need to enjoy it and cut the BS, it's so true. I love Yuki Suzuki. Haha.
Jul 21, 2007 12:29am
Cory Oliver
Color Guard

So... We are once again a complete color guard. The final member got here today. So... Welcome Brian. We are excited to have ya! It's the san antonio regional tomorrow. That's always a fun show because it's in the alamodome! Anyway... This was just a quickie tonight. Tty soon!

White cory
Jul 19, 2007 7:43pm
Cory Oliver
Color Guard

Yes....texas. It's hot and dry, and well.... It's Texas. We got changes in our show of course. New flag work that is a lot of fun to do. I really like the new stuff we do. But on the contrary, I can't wait for our free day. Only a few more days. Haha. It's a show day. I'm kinda nervous about doing all of the changes, simply because they are so new. I'm confident that I'll have a great show though, because I had a good run at the end of practice....

I'm getting more and more excited for july 31st. It's the day we have practice in utah... I get to see my family! I can't wait. And rumor has it we may do laundry there too... That'd be awesome. I could even go to lunch with my mom!

The replacement for the boy hole will be here tomorrow. I'm interested to meet him. It's going to be a crazy few weeks for him! See ya soon.

Alrighty... Well..... I'll write again soon.... Ttyl.
Love ya miss ya mom, the mom, and the dad!
Jul 19, 2007 5:39am
Carlo Antonio Villanueva
Color Guard

From walking off the field to walking onto the field.

You get off the field after yet another competitive run of your production. You bring it in with the corps and meet with Pete or Dave about the performance and what the schedule's like for the night.

Then you bring it in with the guard, most times around the staff. You evaluate your run and compare it against the rest of the ensemble. It's sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good, once in a while followed by a longer, semi-motivational speech (which is also sometimes good and sometimes not-so-good), but every time is pretty exciting.

And then you break. The guard goes back to the pile of equipment to roll and sort. It takes a while with all of the guard walking around looking at piles of stuff in the dark. Once everyone has all of their equipment, you walk as a group in two lines back to the buses.

Then, specifically in this order... You lay the equipment down near the truck. You get on the bus. Ask someone to unzip you. Help unzip them back. Change. Talk as loud and fast as you can about what you remember the most from the show, simultaneously with the rest of the bus. You can't change fast enough out of your sweaty guard uniform because you have to go to the bathroom. So you get into your normal clothes, grab your practice flag silks, and run off the bus, which is usually a much slower process if you sit toward the back.

Now you're out. In normal clothes. Residual show makeup optional. You change your flag silks. Do your parking lot time. Figure out where the food truck might be. Put your equipment on the truck when you're done. Figure out what time the buses roll out. Then you plan your remaining time accordingly.

In the time you have, ranging from thirty minutes to two and a half hours (because it seems we're always the last to leave from the show site), you can do any and all of the following:

* eat snack, which is either leftovers or corndogs
* make a delicious coffee treat with whipped cream
* FIND a delicious coffee treat with whipped cream
* meet up with various friends from other corps
* make a few new friends from other corps
* talk on the phone with someone you miss
* hunt staff members down to annoy them about the show
* find a conveniENCE store to buy snacks for the bus
* find that bathroom you forgot about when you were changing silks

Whether all or none of those tasks have been completed and the time has come to get on the bus, you board the bus and talk as loudly as possible while standing in the aisle to make it harder for Carlo to count heads. When Carlo gets all the way to the back of the bus, you're probably already driving away. You vote on what movie to watch (or fall asleep to) in the most obnoxious manner possible. You get yourself situated in your seat, taking out your pillow and blanket. You talk to the people around you, probably still about the show, and probably still about the same things you've told other people. You watch maybe one scene of the movie before you've fallen asleep.

You wake up three times.

The first time, you're at a rest stop. It's cold from the air conditioning. And it's just your luck that only half the people in front of you are still sleeping and probably won't get off. If you're especially lucky, it's the half sleeping on the floor. So you bus-ninja yourself off the bus, climbing on arm- and head-rests to get to the front. It's dark out with the exception of a few yellow streetlights. You stand in line for the bathroom because there are only so many toilets and many people in the corps. You use the bathroom. You talk. You stretch. You get back on the bus. You ninja yourself back to your seat. You fall asleep when the bus starts moving.

You wake up a second time at the housing site, probably missing at least one other rest stop because you were sleeping so soundly. You gather your bus belongings, your shower stuff, your towel that's now dry... And try to make one trip into the gym. You end up having to make two. The first time, you get into the gym and find your friend's stuff, identifiable by a colorful pillow, stretch blanket, backpack, or suitcase. You drop off your things in the spot in which you'll be sleeping, right next to theirs.

On the way back to the bus, you manage to find the bathroom. You get on the bus to see if you've left anything. You haven't. So you get your suitcase(s) off the ground next to the bus and roll it all the way back to the gym. Stairs are a formidable opponent this early in the morning having just woken up. You blow up your air mattress, joining in the choir of air mattress pumps whirring in the gym. You can do it with you eyes closed, which you sometimes do because you've done it so many times. And because you're tired. You bring your bed back to your spot, make your bed, and fall asleep.

You wake up the third time to fluorescent lights humming, sometimes accompanied by the steady whoosh (or rattle, depending on the school) of the air conditioning. Your nose may be stuffy and your throat dry from breathing through your mouth. And you hear some version of this from Brandyn:

"Good mooooorning, Blue Devils. It's eleven o'clock, time to get up. It's a two-block daaay. And it's bluuueberry pancakes for breakfast. Good morning..."

So you're awake. You shower really quickly, put on sunblock, put on your shoes and hat, and go to the food truck, which is a varible distance from the gym. You eat breakfast. Which could be just cereal and toast for you if the main breakfast isn't your favorite. You're done. You fill up your water jug. Or gatorade bottle. There probably isn't any personal ice available. You tell a bunch of people "good morning." You inspect the board to memorize the day's schedule. You get your equipment from the truck and head to the practice field to stretch. Unless you're on paint crew. But that's another story.

I hope that wasn't too lame. Enjoy.

Jul 18, 2007 11:45pm
Carlo Antonio Villanueva
Color Guard

Yup... As Brandyn had said, a bunch of us were able to visit a Starbucks this morning to get our coffee before the day started. Oh, how I missed espresso!

(I think today was Brandyn's birthday... We had cake and ice cream for snack--delicious! Oh yeah... And happy birthday, Brandyn!)

Anyway, speaking of coffee, I'd like to take this opportunity to say hey to all my fellow partners at the Starbucks at Wood and Van Buren in Riverside. I miss you all and I can't wait for the day I can work with all of you again!


PS... Does it seem like I always manage to blog about food one way or another? Just some food for thought, pun intended. Hah.
Jul 18, 2007 1:19pm
Brandyn Bettencourt
Drum Major

Hey all~
~we just arrived in Little Elm Texas a few hours ago. We left Tupelo Mississippi at 11 o'clock last night and got here a little before 10 in the morning.
~after the corps got settled in and laid down, me and a few people walked down to the local Starbucks (about a 25 min walk) and got some coffee. It was great.
~we then proceded to walk back to the school, but we got lost. So we had to backtrack a bit and laugh at our misguided sense of direction. We eventually made it back and got some time to lie down before our day starts up.
~got to go. Need to wake up the corps in a few min. Talk to you in a bit.
Jul 16, 2007 1:26am
Brandyn Bettencourt
Drum Major

Hey all~
~things have been a little wet but we are still moving forward. We just left Jacksonville about an hour ago, and we are watching some new Leonardo Decaprio film on the bus. It is actually quite interesting, I'm impressed.
~so we had the Spirit show tonight, we landed on top by .1 to the Cavies. This year has been nothing but nonstop compitition. Every corps is playing the game exceedingly well this year. We are competing against our own personal best as much as we are competing against the other corps. We have to go out each day recognizing that our best performance yesterday is no longer good enough for today. That we need to achive at a higher level than the day before, and renew our commitment to a standard of excellence that demands nothing less than absolute perfection.
~the corps as a whole is starting to realize that even though we may be segmented into sections, it takes the group comming together as a collective whole in order to produce the end result of a highly competitive and entertaining show. Well, I feel as if I have theorized and conceptualized enough for one night. Talk to you soon.
Jul 15, 2007 6:26pm
Eric Martin

Hello I guess I'm supposed to writing a bunch of these so here we go. My name is Eric and I am a 2nd year member of the blue devils and I'm in "The Line". Yeah so enough with intros, here we go.
This year has been intense. The line has been worked through to become a great section, which is tough but the payoff is enormous. Earlier in the season at summerville I sprained my ankle. That put me out for a couple weeks but once I got back in I caught up quickly. Also I graduated from college in june right after summerville. It's weird being done withb school and having that whole part of my life ahead of me now, thanks to tour I don't have to think about it until august.
Anywho, the georgia dome was an awesome show. Domes give very interesting acoustic dilemmas for every performer and I feel that we succeeded well in dealing with that task. Also, since I am section leader of the line, I got the "shirt" from my section leader from last year. It was cool to keep that tradition alive.
Now I've got the south ahead of me and a week in texas, this next week will be tough but it's only one week and i'll be that much closer to stanford.
Jul 15, 2007 5:44pm
Kendall DeJong

So last night was my very first dome show, it was at the Atlanta Falcons stadium. We did pretty well, too. We won by about 0.3 with the Cadets and Cavaliers close behind us.

Unfortunately the past two days we've been rained on in Georgia. In fact we had to finish our show warm up last night inside the Falcon stadium. Right now we are on our way to the Jacksonville show in Alabama. There are reports of rain at the show site and along the way. We may have to do a stand still or not perform. Hopefully things clear up and the show will go on.

Things in the corps are going well.
Changes will be coming again soon and our free day in San Antonio is next weekend.

Hi to my family I miss you guys!

P.S. My bus partner, Patrick Porche, is the best person ever. (He wanted me to put him in this somehow)
Jul 13, 2007 12:31am
Cory Oliver
Color Guard

So.... We got changes in the show today. I think they will really help. Scott came back today! We were all really excited to see him. We have two regionals this weekend. I'm excited to see how we compare with everyone else. Oh ya. Saturday is my birtrhday! I am turning 20. I'm excited because this is the first year since I started marching that I have a show on my b-day. I do however still miss home. I miss my friends and family. But all in due time I guess. Oh ya. Hi to Halle Fetty. Ha ha. Anyway.... I should head to bed. Night!!!
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