B Corps Repertoire

From quiet streams to roaring rivers, with calm collecting pools and bubbling springs, water's diverse path is one of nature's most dynamic forces; with the power to carve canyons from solid rock, and the ability to provide life all along it's path, water lends it's versatility to Blue Devils B in 2012!

Will you brave the rapids? ...or enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the calm surface yet marvel at the raw power of the current underneath? Make no mistake, it will be an extraordinary journey, and you will always remember your adventure on the "Ecstatic Waters"!

  1. Calm
    Ecstatic Waters - Steven Bryant
  2. Rapids
    Kingfishers Catchfire - John Mackey
    Ecstatic Waters - Steven Bryant
  3. Over the Edge
    Original Music - John M. Meehan, Brian Dinkel, and John Mapes
  4. Splashdown
    Original Music - Brian Dinkel, John M. Meehan, and John Mapes
  5. River's End
    Kingfishers Catchfire - John Mackey
    Original Music-John M. Meehan, Brian Dinkel, and John Mapes