Travel is about much more than viewing monuments and ruins. It is an opportunity to reach out and discover what is best about the world. Travel enriches our lives, spreads prosperity, dissolves political barriers, promotes international peace and brings excitement and change to our lives. This adventure will allow you to experience diverse cultures, traditions, customs and contemporary lifestyles of the world community, through your personal interactions.

This trip is being sponsored and underwritten by the Malaysian Band Association and ZI Productions. You will have an incredible opportunity to interact with young people from throughout South East Asia.

We will be based in Kuala Lumpur. Fondly referred to as “KL”, it is the capital city of Malaysia, on the southwest Malay Peninsula northwest of Singapore. Founded in 1857, KL has evolved into a 21st century metropolis, dominated by the tallest skyscrapers in Southeast Asia. It is the commercial hub of the country and has a remarkable cultural diversity. Population:1,290,000.

Weather: KL’s temperature ranges form 70 F to 90 F and the average humidity is 82%. There will be a chance of rain during our stay. Our visit will be right at the end of the rainy season. So...bring an umbrella and some rain gear just in case.

Clothing: Most of our time will be in educational sessions, where you will be wearing your System Blue, Property Shirt and 2011 Member Shirt. We will be supplying new System Blue Shirts. You should have a nice casual outfit for the farewell party. Malaysia has a majority Muslim population. Their beliefs require them to be covered from just below the knee to over the belly-button. Short pants and exposed midriff are inappropriate. Consequently you will be required to wear long pants (Tights, leggings, and/or athletic pants that cover to below the knee are acceptable) and t-shirts for the clinics. It will be ok to wear shorts when you are not in the clinic environment.

Uniform: We will be wearing the uniform, no shakos, at least once, so bring your shoes. If you need shoes let me know immediately.

Money: All expenses are covered once we depart Los Angeles and until our return. The Malaysian currency is the Ringitt. Currently 1 US $ equals 3.1 Ringgits (MYR). Most prices are low to reasonable. You will be able to buy incidental food and souvenirs quite comfortably.

Housing in the Los Angeles area: Please work with Rachel Silva for what is available in the Los Angeles area for Sunday night. She is checking with local members to house. You will need to be at Los Angeles International (LAX) 3 hours before departure. We will discuss details on Sunday during the rehearsal.

Language: The majority of the people you will come in contact with speak English. However you will have to listen very carefully and respond slowly.

Electronics: As with most countries thoughout the world, Malaysia has its own electrical outlet configuration. You will need an adapter to plug in any and all electronics. Adapters are available from the hotel for a small deposit, which is refundable when you return the unit. If you chose to bring any electronics, you must be very cautious and aware of where they may be left. There is a safe in each room, for a small cost. It is advisable to either take them with you or lock them in the safe.

Time Difference: Time difference between Kuala Lumpur and the West Coast is 16 Hours. When it is 12 Noon in California, it is 4:00 AM the next day in KL.

Passports: Bring your passport and drivers license. Make a copy of both, and any credit cards you may bring, and put the copies somewhere for safe-keeping. Should any of your documents be lost or stolen, replacing or canceling them will be much easier if you have a copy. You should know where your passport is at all times!

Baggage: You are allowed 2 pieces of checked baggage, not exceed 50 lbs and a maximum outside linear dimension of no more than 105 inches. However, please limit yourself to one bag, so we have some flexibility with the 2nd piece. You are allowed to carry on one personal bag and one carry-one. Trumpets, your horn will be a carry on. Mellophones, Euphoniums and Snares, your instrument will be your 2nd checked piece of baggage.

Currently the airlines are very rigid when it comes to weight and size. Please do not think that if your suitcase is over weight, you can put extra items in your instrument case when you get to the airport. All instrument cases have been weighed and documented. We must stay within the guidelines of the airlines.

All checked baggage must have your name, address, and telephone number or email on the outside of the bag. You are strongly encouraged to put your name and address on the inside of the bag as well should the outside tag be separated from the bag. Malaysia Airlines may refuse baggage at check-in unless it is labeled.

Hotel: Radius International Hotel
No. 15-A Chamgkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
011 60 3 2715 3888

The hotel does have wireless internet access, but I do believe there is a charge. At this point I am not sure how many to a room. But it will be either 2 or 3, so start planning on who you will room with.

Contact Information: I will have my phone set up to accept international calls. You can do the same with your provider for a fee. Contact via computer is also available.

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