Code of Conduct

The staff and management will hold all members to a high standard with regard to how they act, interact, and participate. By participating, you agree to abide by the following conditions of membership:

Drugs: BDPA organization is a 100% drug-free environment and experience, including the use and/or possession of marijuana. Drugs are not to be used at rehearsals, camps, functions, on tour, or at any time during your participation in BDPA, regardless of the age of the performer and/or the legal status of the drug in a particular location while on tour. If the policy is not adhered to, BDPA will take corrective action.

Alcohol: Alcohol is not permitted or to be used at rehearsals, camps, functions, and on any of the tours/trips regardless of the member's age.

Weapons: Dangerous weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Harassment: BDPA prohibits bullying, hazing, harassment, sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual acts and/or contact (sexual assault), sexual exploitation, and stalking. It is understood that language, actions, and sexual advances that are not welcomed are inappropriate and unacceptable. This is a place where everyone can feel safe, regardless of age, gender, or orientation, and the organization will take all necessary and appropriate steps to ensure that is the case.

Language: We are judged by our every word and action. The language you use can be offensive. Profanity is not allowed at BDPA functions.

Smoking / Vaping: Smoking / Vaping is not allowed during your participation in BDPA. The policy is that YOU CAN NOT smoke on ANY school grounds, at facilities, on buses, around vehicles, in uniform, or during meetings. You are not allowed to smoke/vape during rehearsals or on your breaks during the length of the rehearsals.

Stealing:Stealing is illegal and not tolerated. Examples in the past have been taking other people's shoes, plumes, uniform parts, clothing, wallets, school property, etc. These and any other offenses will be dealt with severely.

Attitude:The attitude you bring with you and develop along the way is important. We are an organization with many people, not a specific section or individual. We are all working hard and dedicating ourselves to a common goal. In order to achieve that end, we must all have the same positive approach in everything we do.

Values and Principles: How you interact with people is essential to the core values and principles of BDPA. We encourage maintaining courtesy and manners while around the organization and beyond. Living the values and principles is paramount including but not limited to with your actions verbal and/or written.

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