General Policies

Rehearsal Attendance

In order to maintain the high level of performance excellence, we must have full attendance at rehearsals. The audition process will include a consultation with the staff on which rehearsals you will be required to attend.

Please clear your personal schedule so you can attend all practices and camps. A list of staff phone numbers is available at Please let the appropriate staff member know if you have a problem attending a rehearsal.


Practice Facilities

We are very fortunate to have excellent practice facilities. From January through April we will use several local rehearsal sites. We have developed a strong, long-term relationship with all the schools we use. Please leave the facilities better than we found them. If you move chairs or desks, put them back. Do not write on chalkboards, drum on tables, or throw garbage on the ground.

Public schools have a No Smoking policy on campus. There will be NO SMOKING on school grounds or in school facilities at any time. If you must smoke, you must leave the school property. This policy also applies to Mars. You are not allowed to smoke during rehearsals or on your breaks during the length of rehearsals.

We have the advantage of having our own practice field, Mars, which will be our primary facility after April. There are many hard-working people who make it possible for us to practice there. Please do not dig your marks into the ground or leave garbage (cups, cans, cigarettes) around. Mars is our home for the entire summer. PLEASE take care of it.

Uniform Etiquette

Being a part of BDPA means that you are now a member of one of the finest performing groups in the activity and are responsible for continuing the our trademark tradition of excellence in performance and appearance. The following guidelines are to be followed in wearing and caring for your uniform.

Each drum corps musician uniform consists of a plume, shako, shirt, vest, jacket, pants, black socks, black shoes, and black gloves. Make sure that your uniform is always complete, and is stored properly between performances.

The uniform is designed for a specific, consistent image throughout the group. Nothing is to be added to or subtracted from any individual uniform. If you wish to wear any mementos or good luck charms, attach them to your shirt in such a way that they are not visible when you put on your jacket.

Hair length on both male and female musicians should not be longer than the collar of the jacket. If your hair is longer, feel free to keep it so, just put it up securely inside your shako.

One blue or black stud earring in one ear is permitted. No loops, pins, chains, or any other earring is to be worn with your uniform.

Smoking is not allowed when you are wearing any part of your uniform.

Remember that when you have on your uniform, you are a representative of the entire BDPA organization. Please exercise common sense and good judgment in your choice of language and behavior.

These guidelines are few and simple. They are designed to ensure that you will experience the competitive advantage and the professional appearance that is yours as a member of BDPA.

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